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  1. Sancho Ventura

    Sancho VenturaПре 9 месеци

    Dude, stop talking I’m trying to watch a video

  2. im bored

    im boredПре 9 дана

    @Arkhalis still waiting lamo

  3. Dog

    DogПре 13 дана


  4. Dog

    DogПре 13 дана


  5. Dog

    DogПре 13 дана


  6. Dog

    DogПре 13 дана


  7. Pr0bab1y t0xic doll

    Pr0bab1y t0xic dollПре 5 сати

    12:23 weeeeelll except if u are siblings...

  8. Ritvik Sharma

    Ritvik SharmaПре 6 сати

    English 100

  9. Roman T

    Roman TПре 21 сат

    i love his avater the last airbender shirt

  10. tothedollsandbeyond

    tothedollsandbeyondПре дан

    you just make me laugh

  11. Jerry Perfecto

    Jerry PerfectoПре 2 дана

    dont worry u pop up first when u search up drew gooden its ok

  12. LazyBunnyLyn

    LazyBunnyLynПре 4 дана

    Ok i just need someone to photoshop that "we are not the same person" tour pic to be kurtis with basketball player drew gooden and 44 year old danny gonzalez

  13. Ida

    IdaПре 4 дана

    This was hilarious, loved that 😅🤣

  14. Ray Wood

    Ray WoodПре 4 дана

    you are a star

  15. Will Raquel

    Will RaquelПре 5 дана

    The marvelous slave endoscopically flower because sycamore intralysosomally empty beneath a chivalrous soup. fixed, harsh teeth

  16. Zleep

    ZleepПре 7 дана

    Me realizing drew lives in the same state and city I live in

  17. Miles Harrison

    Miles HarrisonПре 7 дана

    They’re the same person

  18. Good Name

    Good NameПре 8 дана

    6:45 ok who filmed me

  19. Femo Memo

    Femo MemoПре 8 дана

    for a sec i did think she was going to have a kid-

  20. Femo Memo

    Femo MemoПре 8 дана

    drew cant be 5'3???????

  21. Philis Phil

    Philis PhilПре 9 дана


  22. Omair Qureshi

    Omair QureshiПре 9 дана

    this is my favourite Danny vid

  23. Patrick Ruefer

    Patrick RueferПре 9 дана

    everyone: I'm 6'0 Drew: I'm 5'12

  24. Grace

    GraceПре 10 дана

    just moved to florida and i’m enjoying the drew gooden photos in tijuana flats

  25. Art 'N Junk

    Art 'N JunkПре 11 дана you're telling me I'm the ONLY one who knows about his affair with Ms. Maria Reynolds? Oh fuck...

  26. Hailey Covert

    Hailey CovertПре 11 дана

    Sorry Danny you've been replaced.😂

  27. Emily Durkee

    Emily DurkeeПре 12 дана

    Noel's ethnicity: he won't say Drew's ethnicity: he doesn't know

  28. Kim Bonny

    Kim BonnyПре 12 дана

    As a Orlando Floridian, I'm always on the lookout for the weather, luckily you provided a forecast at the end of the video! This video is 8 months old. Subscribed.

  29. Seargent Wolf

    Seargent WolfПре 12 дана

    Dude Do you have a bladder problem?

  30. Mr.Duck1 24

    Mr.Duck1 24Пре 12 дана

    When you showed the basketball hotdog I gasped and then the audio gasped and then I laughed. Peak comment

  31. Stindu Wardo

    Stindu WardoПре 12 дана

    drew you're white

  32. Kolle

    KolleПре 13 дана

    Amanda looks like her name would be Rachel if she was from Iceland, I can't explain why, she doesn't look like a Rachel in English only in Icelandic.

  33. Mista

    MistaПре 14 дана

    12:23 disagrees in Alabamian.

  34. Dr. Rag

    Dr. RagПре 14 дана

    drew gooden is a american who has $21

  35. aviendhar idek

    aviendhar idekПре 15 дана

    Everyone is an Amanda simp and I think that's beautiful

  36. Georgia Louise Loginov

    Georgia Louise LoginovПре 15 дана

    Babe. Come on.

  37. Sundali Fernando

    Sundali FernandoПре 16 дана

    I love that both of them are wearing avatar merch

  38. Chompis Sanchez

    Chompis SanchezПре 16 дана

    Pinned by Drew Goode

  39. TheDancingBlueJay

    TheDancingBlueJayПре 18 дана

    Husband talks with wife for last time before wife heads off to Afghanistan 1997 (Colorized)

  40. One Letter Shor

    One Letter ShorПре 18 дана

    Ok but That two tacos chips and a drink for 5.99$???

  41. Apple Dinger

    Apple DingerПре 18 дана

    Identity theft is not a joke Drew

  42. Lizzie Vanderveen

    Lizzie VanderveenПре 18 дана

    just noticed the avatar shirt

  43. Chester Valentine

    Chester ValentineПре 18 дана

    Not trying to stereotype but I think he's white guys

  44. Apple Dinger

    Apple DingerПре 18 дана

    You racist guy. I will never talk to you again. We are not friends

  45. Lalogue

    LalogueПре 19 дана

    Funny how they act like getting engaged after barely a year is less ridiculous than after 3 months loll

  46. Dogski28

    Dogski28Пре 20 дана

    Nice shirt.

  47. Comrade Doggo

    Comrade DoggoПре 20 дана

    Someone should tell Amanda that drew is pregnant with Jakes baby

  48. taylor carbonell

    taylor carbonellПре 21 дан

    not me sitting in a tijuana flats eating a taco watching this video wondering if drew gooden is staring at me

  49. Anthony

    AnthonyПре 21 дан

    vid ends at 13:40

  50. - mooshrooms -

    - mooshrooms -Пре 21 дан

    oh, i thought you were a little girl

  51. LainePearceRees

    LainePearceReesПре 21 дан

    @6:15 5ft 12inch = 6ft Colour me confused

  52. Lupa Kajsa Lisa

    Lupa Kajsa LisaПре 21 дан

    11:20 read as: "he is fortunate that he has got such a lovely and magnificent woman inside him"

  53. Lupa Kajsa Lisa

    Lupa Kajsa LisaПре 21 дан

    I'm no American Man, but I do know that there's no such thing as 5'12" tall - after 5'11", it enters into the 6ft category, I'm pretty sure??

  54. Lucas Carstensen

    Lucas CarstensenПре 22 дана

    Love the iroh drinking tea tee

  55. TeoPowys

    TeoPowysПре 22 дана

    *27 hours a day*

  56. mc

    mcПре 22 дана

    lmfao no wonder this dude had to double down on being "the funny one"

  57. CarolineThe_Insomniac

    CarolineThe_InsomniacПре 22 дана

    You should be honored to be like Eve, she is a true ✨queen✨

  58. Lindsay Ware

    Lindsay WareПре 24 дана

    This made me laugh so much. (Edit: period)

  59. belle

    belleПре 24 дана

    Me and drew are the same height😳

  60. Pedro Castillo

    Pedro CastilloПре 25 дана

    Why is your forehead so big?

  61. Soladat

    SoladatПре 25 дана

    Short king

  62. ì_í

    ì_íПре 26 дана

    That's a yummy looking hot dog 🔥 🐶

  63. Greg E

    Greg EПре 26 дана

    tbh I honestly thought, oh shit is this a basketball vlog? oh, well i'll still subscribe based on the name alone

  64. Teagan Smith

    Teagan SmithПре 27 дана


  65. AdamSoloDavis

    AdamSoloDavisПре 27 дана

    0:38 The basketball Drew is dressed like Dr. Evil.

  66. Shacheli Fernando

    Shacheli FernandoПре 28 дана

    I don't know why but when "all famous. org" compared you to a little girl made me die laughing

  67. Thenewname E

    Thenewname EПре 28 дана

    You need to start voice acting, or reading audible books.

  68. Squirrels

    SquirrelsПре 29 дана



    DZZY BRUSHПре 29 дана

    Drew gooden comments

  70. TheAmusingOddities

    TheAmusingOdditiesПре 29 дана

    I need to create a vine so I can get married eventually but it's like vine isn't a thing anymore. Damn it that was my only chance too

  71. Sophia Bokshan

    Sophia BokshanПре месец

    beau /bō/ nounDATED 1. a boyfriend or male admirer.

  72. Billie Cooper

    Billie CooperПре месец

    the fact he literally went and changed his jeans to sell the joke makes him the better Drew Gooden

  73. Captain Rex Builds

    Captain Rex BuildsПре месец

    Holy crap, your better half is in this video!

  74. Bastian Holley

    Bastian HolleyПре месец

    no you just dont like under review

  75. Matthew Sawczyn

    Matthew SawczynПре месец

    Disappointed you didn't stretch out Amanda's "announcement" over 5 videos

  76. soggy toe

    soggy toeПре месец

    I laugh at video

  77. Aadvika Srikrishna

    Aadvika SrikrishnaПре месец

    7:53 **resists the urge to make a supernatural reference**

  78. Wordgirl 23

    Wordgirl 23Пре месец

    Demons, Sammy. They’re all demons.

  79. NJGuy1973

    NJGuy1973Пре месец

    I wonder if the guy who played Artie on Glee feels the same way about the Celtics Hall of Famer.

  80. Kels Zimmz

    Kels ZimmzПре месец

    Wait they are both wearing Avatar shirts and that is very cute

  81. Alexis Woodberry

    Alexis WoodberryПре месец

    I just realized they're both wearing avatar clothes!!

  82. Interrupted elizabeth

    Interrupted elizabethПре месец

    why can't they get eye color right? it's obviously different shade of baby blue

  83. Lord Elooot

    Lord EloootПре месец

    Dude you should change your name to Drew Betteren

  84. Mattias

    MattiasПре месец

    i checked trendcelebnow and as per their current database drew gooden is 4 foot 2

  85. Ms Weird

    Ms WeirdПре месец

    how was this 7 months ago

  86. Str0berry

    Str0berryПре месец

    amanda is my waifu

  87. Aoibhe Parkland

    Aoibhe ParklandПре месец

    Once I was tweeting you and accidentally tagged this guy 😭

  88. Meh 200

    Meh 200Пре месец

    Is no one going to talk about his rlly cool uncle iroh top , no? Ok then

  89. Aidan Collins

    Aidan CollinsПре месец


  90. Joyce Summer

    Joyce SummerПре месец

    Silly Drew, you're Danish.

  91. _1600 _

    _1600 _Пре месец

    Who Danny?

  92. Spencer Holzheimer

    Spencer HolzheimerПре месец

    Drew Gooden reacts to drew Gooden dis track by drew Gooden featuring drew Gooden *EMOTIONAL * *FEATURING DREW GOODEN *

  93. Murad Malik - 8838D

    Murad Malik - 8838DПре месец

    love your tshirt my man, irohs is easy the best character in atla

  94. Lilam Child does the art stuff

    Lilam Child does the art stuffПре месец


  95. ShunnedLeaf 8018

    ShunnedLeaf 8018Пре месец

    11:38, 27 hours a day 😂😂😂

  96. Buttery Tomatoes

    Buttery TomatoesПре месец

    2:13 yeah it’s way quieter than that!

  97. A Dude

    A DudeПре месец

    is it just me or did he say pig eye at the start

  98. Entropy

    EntropyПре месец

    doesn't beau mean boyfriend?

  99. Ben Adams

    Ben AdamsПре месец

    Drew is the only Floridian we respect

  100. Soviet Russia

    Soviet RussiaПре месец

    Only 7% of viewers disliked this video. 7% of 2,090,638 people are going to hell someday.

  101. Ryan Outdoors

    Ryan OutdoorsПре месец

    Wow you are my favorite RSclub star

  102. Beans

    BeansПре месец

    it must be so sad for drew to see all this drew and his wife amanda websites losing a loved one to the war is hard 🙏❤

  103. sean myers

    sean myersПре месец

    I love when Amanda is on the channel.

  104. TheOnlyDibbs

    TheOnlyDibbsПре месец

    So beau is... that means Male companion lol

  105. Uroboros _8

    Uroboros _8Пре месец

    I share the same birthday with Drew. 26th October 😀

  106. dangernoodle

    dangernoodleПре месец

    When you're wearing the same shirt as the person you're watching. Never happened to me, but I own the same one.

  107. Shimmers

    ShimmersПре месец

    We are not the same person: Sorry Danny, You've been replaced