The guys who turned minimalism into a religion

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  1. The IDK place

    The IDK placeПре 4 месеца

    I accidentally ate my cat

  2. Light Barson

    Light BarsonПре 17 дана


  3. JJ

    JJПре месец

    last reply phart

  4. Stargirl Rocker

    Stargirl RockerПре 2 месеца

    I’m just replying to make it 500

  5. B u m b l e B e e

    B u m b l e B e eПре 2 месеца

    Lol same

  6. Personguy

    PersonguyПре 3 месеца

    last comment lol

  7. Dalton Lee Marks

    Dalton Lee MarksПре 2 сата

    minimalism is appealing but i feel like subscribing to it would mean getting rid of my weird/pointless collections, my 112 blank journals, and my narwhalicorn. so yeah, no can do.

  8. BapuPls

    BapuPlsПре 11 сати

    It makes me happy seeing a Juturna Vinyl in the background. Thanks guy.

  9. Granola Raspberry

    Granola RaspberryПре 19 сати

    What a minimalistic stick figure

  10. Rainy Umbrella

    Rainy UmbrellaПре дан

    I was half way through watching this when I realized I was watching a drew video... I don't know what I thought, I was watching but It took me a while. I... uh... yeah.

  11. John Xina

    John XinaПре дан

    Yeah, these guys are opportunists.

  12. Isaiah Nemeth

    Isaiah NemethПре 2 дана

    It has a good core, which is what most religions have

  13. trish nottelling

    trish nottellingПре 3 дана

    funfact it only takes 3 people to make a religion.

  14. joris van den hoek

    joris van den hoekПре 3 дана

    I dont know why i am just seeing this now but THAT DUDE LOOKS LIKE 40 YEAR OLD DREW

  15. HardcoreGaming

    HardcoreGamingПре 2 дана


  16. theo mangini

    theo manginiПре 4 дана

    telepathically begging documentary now! to make an episode based on the minimalism cult

  17. hollyobaby

    hollyobabyПре 4 дана

    I like my stuff. I go through and get rid of shit regularly. I feel like it’s annoying when people are like I just have this one mug because it’s just me. I literally dated a guy like that and I was like dude I know you’ve owned another mug and you just got rid of it to have this lecture.

  18. Renata

    RenataПре 4 дана

    Wow I totally misread the thumbnail as “The guys who turned millennialism into a religion” 😅

  19. Miles Kenney

    Miles KenneyПре 4 дана

    They are CLEARLY trying to write their monologues exactly how Michael from Vsauce writes his; repeating phrases in different ways, which leads to the reveal of what your talking about in a clever way. When Vsauce does it, it’s intriguing and hilarious (“Michael here, but how much does “here” weigh?” Or something) but these guys are just pretentious assholes who sound like pretentious assholes

  20. Cara

    CaraПре 4 дана

    I was not prepared for you to act like the pastor and the congregation I-

  21. margi cates

    margi catesПре 5 дана

    They live in my hometown, Ryan’s a pretty nice guy. The blonde one is strange and quiet and superior seeming. Missoula’s a small city, and people are warm and friendly. Because you WILL SEE THEM in the next week. His east coast stand off ishness didn’t go over well.

  22. Doodlebug

    DoodlebugПре 5 дана

    "Our memories are not in our things" me, who has a really bad memory and needs to write things down/keep souvenirs from things to remember them: 😳

  23. lethauntic

    lethaunticПре 5 дана

    I always hate when I hear people talk about the idea of owning more than 2 things as though your house is filled with literal bags of trash. I don't even mean hoarding, I just mean the idea of having some video games, paintings/figures, supplies for work/hobbies, etc.. At some point it could be a problem, obviously, but they make it sound like buying a couple things to put up on your wall, or buying a few shoes or clothes, because you like to be fashionable, is somehow equivalent to hoarding, which it is not. Are human interactions more important than material ones? Most would probably say yes, but that's still a spectrum, though even saying that is overly simplifying it. If I got a couple figures or posters to put on the wall, it's because I think that it looks nice. I'm not doing such because I'm unhappy, but even if I did feel that way, let me ask you... How would getting rid of my stuff make me feel better? If you live in a literal garbage dump, then yes I agree that you'll probably be happier, but having a decorated room is not that. I don't replace my relationships with my stack of video games... You can have both objects that you like _and_ loving relationships, though it makes sense that telling people that they *_must_* choose one or the other or life will be horrible forever, since that's what will get these two guys money faster. I'm not even saying this to dog on capitalism or anything, because at some point people need to take responsibility for themselves and not shove it onto others. If you have an addiction, then clearly it's not that simple, but enjoyment itself doesn't always have as many strings attached as people say it does. Also, getting rid of my stuff won't make me rich anyways. Money doesn't solve every problem, but it certainly solves the ones that are caused by a lack of money. Sounds obvious, but those two guys in that documentary really need to learn a thing or two.

  24. Bad@Deciding

    Bad@DecidingПре 6 дана

    5:00 Thomas Frank isn't foolin' anyone with that wig.

  25. Happy Healthy Haylie

    Happy Healthy HaylieПре 6 дана

    “We had too much money” is always an annoying thesis.

  26. Cherry Pieurface77

    Cherry Pieurface77Пре 7 дана

    Can I get to this point in life of having “Everything I want and realizing it’s not what makes me” happy blah blah ect

  27. Lillie Hinds

    Lillie HindsПре 7 дана

    They paid me in nickels

  28. Jason Brad ville

    Jason Brad villeПре 7 дана

    Wait explain to me like I'm five; why did he say they 16000

  29. Max Seuberlich

    Max SeuberlichПре 7 дана

    I was trying to find a documentary on Minimalist art (music, painting etc) and discovered that Minimalism doc instead. Had to stop like 20 minutes in. Lol

  30. Ry Edwards

    Ry EdwardsПре 7 дана

    I liked their first documentary about minimalism and their book but then I think they started feeling themselves and got that “influencer” feeling so now they just come across as pretentious.

  31. Care Moody Music

    Care Moody MusicПре 8 дана

    Is anyone gonna point out the fact that Ryan’s last name is Nicodemus who was a Pharisee in Jesus life????????

  32. ISwearI’mNormal

    ISwearI’mNormalПре 8 дана

    The guy with the shorter hair looks like if you and steve buscemi had a child

  33. Liam Bond

    Liam BondПре 8 дана

    Yeah that a Cult

  34. Capable Woman

    Capable WomanПре 8 дана

    I used to follow them and get text from them. It was always the same and the text were multiple text a day. So, I did what they said, I cut them for my life for less storage used on my phone.

  35. Hanad Farah

    Hanad FarahПре 8 дана


  36. Pegah Zabihian

    Pegah ZabihianПре 8 дана

    In the thumbnail it just looks like the short haired guy is badly going undercover as a commentary youtuber to covertly advertise his own stuff

  37. Chris Wong

    Chris WongПре 9 дана

    Does he mean Dayton, Ohio? If so, no wonder he started hating his life. Why anyone would move TO that place is beyond me Kept watching: oh god, it is Dayton, Ohio.

  38. Violante

    ViolanteПре 9 дана

    1:53 2:11 10:14

  39. Xavier Yozwiak

    Xavier YozwiakПре 9 дана

    Check out Marie Kondo’s book for the “how” to become less overwhelmed with things

  40. Виктор Фирсов

    Виктор ФирсовПре 9 дана

    Do you know that his name is Diogenes?

  41. Dat Boi

    Dat BoiПре 9 дана

    Here’s the thing, I spend $15 on a cheap game and I enjoy that game every afternoon for 3 weeks. Who cares if I’m buying lots of little things if they genuinely give me joy for that amount of time? These guys would say “oh if you’ve got a paint set that was expensive and you use every day and love you should keep it” but if something is dirt cheap and gives you the same value just for less time it’s suddenly not worth it? If I were to not get all my cheap little things I would just spend all my day on my phone, but instead I paint, I make clay earrings, I sew, I play games, I genuinely find joy in these things. What’s so bad about that?

  42. Tuttle Tuttlewood

    Tuttle TuttlewoodПре 10 дана

    there was a void in my life, so i filled it with nothing, and then I was happy

  43. Sunshine King

    Sunshine KingПре 10 дана

    I don’t understand how these people don’t understand that CHOOSING to live a minimalist life is literally.....literally a privilege

  44. Lucillevonamino XD

    Lucillevonamino XDПре 8 дана

    How could they? (As far as I know) They are both cishet white dudes with a lot of money.

  45. Mike FromMN

    Mike FromMNПре 10 дана

    Dave Ramsey makes money telling poor people to just not be poor and make better choices

  46. original andy-man

    original andy-manПре 10 дана

    They’re so minimalist they have nothing to say, it’s kinda genius.

  47. Braden

    BradenПре 10 дана

    DREW. I took a new job and one of their "CORE VALUES" educational training videos involved these two men. I had to publish a "review" so they understood i watched the entire video and I was so uncomfortable trying to find "3 things I could take away from the video" other than being rich and having a dead mom.

  48. Molly Grace

    Molly GraceПре 11 дана

    I feel like I’m already a minimalist. I hate spending money. Except on food. ALLLLLL that shit goes in the cart!!!

  49. Molly Grace

    Molly GraceПре 11 дана

    So I’m guessing you haven’t yet been to a church where the pastor actually brags about being rich? It’s bizarre. Then they thank the glory of god and basically promise the congregation they can be rich too if they come to church, love god, and pay tithing.

  50. arivelle

    arivelleПре 11 дана

    Guys it doesn’t matter if you’re poor, just be a minimalist

  51. Narnian Badger

    Narnian BadgerПре 11 дана

    It’s like someone wrote a parody of slam poetry and the actors took it seriously

  52. Cad Chamberlain

    Cad ChamberlainПре 12 дана

    Vsauce, minimalist here

  53. cataclysmic biscuit

    cataclysmic biscuitПре 12 дана

    i literally got an add from tiktok about “how to look rich in your sweatpants”

  54. Miss. Danni Tiger

    Miss. Danni TigerПре 12 дана


  55. mylife belike yes

    mylife belike yesПре 12 дана

    “0x10 is still 0” -Sasuke to Naruto in the series ‘Classic’ Naruto

  56. lilbunnifoofoo

    lilbunnifoofooПре 12 дана

    A number of years back, these two were booked for a book signing at a bookstore where I worked. It was super strange to have the juxtaposition of these two talking about minimalism and how it makes your life better with a crap ton of people that came to their signing buying multiple copies of their book.

  57. Johnny Ballenger

    Johnny BallengerПре 12 дана

    “Your bank login”😂😂😂

  58. Cujo

    CujoПре 13 дана

    Lol! Decent video but I actually like these guys. I used to listen to their podcast but stopped because it felt repetitive. They are very repetitive ironically. They've helped a lot of people though and they seem sort of misrepresented here. I don't think their shills or cult leaders. Look into them for yourself and I think you'll see it.

  59. Plaatboy

    PlaatboyПре 13 дана

    maybe means-tv will fund a doc about anti-advertising campaigns; like the cities that banned outdoor ads.

  60. nia pack

    nia packПре 14 дана

    As someone with a memory disorder I literally need my childhood pictures to remember that my childhood wasn't just full of abuse and pain because I am unable to remember anything outside of my abuse.

  61. Dave

    DaveПре 14 дана

    They realized that the only thing that could fill the gaping hole in their brains... was attention. And also your money.

  62. Michelle Lee

    Michelle LeeПре 14 дана

    This really reminds me of SNL High School Theatre Show :””””

  63. Camden Jennings

    Camden JenningsПре 14 дана

    Lmao I checked the date when he said fidget spinners

  64. 111highgh

    111highghПре 15 дана

    "My son says that money isn't everything. Well, it is if you don't have any." -Dale Noble, of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

  65. 111highgh

    111highghПре 15 дана

    If you want to bet on a dude fucking an alligator, money plane.

  66. P M

    P MПре 16 дана

    The kombucha boys

  67. Hani

    HaniПре 16 дана

    Me starting my undergraduate thesis about minimalism : well, sh*t...

  68. Vandit Panvelkar

    Vandit PanvelkarПре 17 дана

    When the whole sermon is about the pastor, he/she is preaching the prosperity gospel

  69. bonemarrowstew

    bonemarrowstewПре 17 дана

    i had to watch this in a family studies class and i failed my midterms because i was so confused about what the hell was happening that i forgot to do my assignment

  70. A Wilson

    A WilsonПре 17 дана

    The Mom thing is my biggest pet peeve. We are not siblings 🙃

  71. ComicSams

    ComicSamsПре 18 дана

    Josh looks like the default Skyrim wood elf model

  72. regio

    regioПре 19 дана

    the entire documentary is just an advertisement for minimalism

  73. Digitus Medius

    Digitus MediusПре 19 дана

    true minimalists get rid of all their braincells by watching this documentary

  74. GhostlyFrog YT

    GhostlyFrog YTПре 19 дана

    At times I had thought this video was a add

  75. The Absurd

    The AbsurdПре 19 дана

    The whole thing about buying apparel over college isn’t really that bad, I mean, everyone buys shoes, not everyone goes to college.

  76. Alice

    AliceПре 19 дана

    Omg the clips sound like one of your cutaway jokes 😂

  77. Lya Langdon

    Lya LangdonПре 19 дана

    the one with short hair looks like if drew and Christopher Walken had a baby

  78. Sagar G

    Sagar GПре 20 дана

    I have toothpaste addiction ☹️

  79. Unkn0wn _

    Unkn0wn _Пре 21 дан

    The whole minimalist thing is cringey to me. I put "minimalism" on yt and the massive amount of self-centered people with alike styled thumbnails with black & white backgrounds, empty rooms, etc. talking about themselves make me nuts. At this point it's a meme.

  80. Lauren Gregor

    Lauren GregorПре 22 дана

    We watched this documentary in English class and my teacher kept talking about how good it is. We have to base our final project around it

  81. Annie Terry

    Annie TerryПре 23 дана

    I remember them always saying “I’m a hugger” to everyone they interact with

  82. Gary Oak

    Gary OakПре 23 дана

    6:07 that's funny you say that, considering there are sermons that just gas up the pastor lmao

  83. Mr. incognito

    Mr. incognitoПре 24 дана

    This documentary reminds me of videos/documentaries that some church would play to persuade you to believe in our lord and savior Jesus

  84. jessie snider

    jessie sniderПре 24 дана

    Stoppp it sounds like theyre doing slam poetry

  85. Dumbo UwU

    Dumbo UwUПре 24 дана

    Is anyone else’s RSclub just quitting on them like mine like it won’t play any ads or videos imma straight up about to go spam this under every single RSclub video so that RSclub gets the message I haven’t been able to watch RSclub in a month I’m so done

  86. tepps21

    tepps21Пре 24 дана

    That one guy looks exactly like a male version of Tilda Swinton

  87. Timothy Lee

    Timothy LeeПре 26 дана

    What kind of cars do these genus’s drive? They’re phony as 3 dollar bills

  88. cubchup

    cubchupПре 27 дана

    your sketch of a pastor talking about how he got successful and why that would be crazy is literally what happened at a church i used to go to when my parents still made me go to church. like we would do songs about god and then the pastor talked about a small part of the bible, then proceeded to talk about himself for a while.

  89. CloudSteele

    CloudSteeleПре 27 дана

    10:10 is probably my favorite part of this video. Poor girl can't even think of one way that minimalism improved her life. At least the other girl was able to "get rid of 14 pairs of pants"; I'm not sure how that improved her life, other than now she has room for 14 new pairs of pants.

  90. OnePumpMan99

    OnePumpMan99Пре 28 дана

    Started watching this the other day. I didn't finish the the last 30 minutes. What I want to know is why did they bother Sam Harris for this?? He didn't even add anything

  91. Luna Ashleigh

    Luna AshleighПре месец

    10:14 has me in stiches

  92. Madi

    MadiПре месец

    fuck minimalism i'm going to keep collecting every shiny rock and crooked stick I find

  93. Marley Edwards

    Marley EdwardsПре месец

    The email in the ad 😂

  94. sadisticvans

    sadisticvansПре месец

    once i asked a girl why she had only 12 pictures on her phone and she said “i’m a minimalist 😌✨” but then she got grounded for using her moms credit card to buy $500 worth of slime the next week

  95. clem fandango

    clem fandangoПре месец

    fill my gaping void with stuff, daddy

  96. Stratusaurus

    StratusaurusПре месец

    there is an idiot above me

  97. Hirano

    HiranoПре 25 дана


  98. Serenaif

    SerenaifПре месец

    Thank you for helping us see the elephant in the room!

  99. Roksforbrains

    RoksforbrainsПре месец

    He looks like David Bowie and sounds like Jerry Seinfeld

  100. Kyllä

    KylläПре месец

    I was crying before i watched this bc, well not important and then a found this and forgot i was even sad, drew is so funny

  101. Kyllä

    KylläПре месец

    Sorry i ruined the mood

  102. Farosh

    FaroshПре месец

    They talk like they originally wanted this to be a Ted Talk but Ted said no, so they went to plan B and just filmed their speeches in a warehouse.

  103. Zac Revier

    Zac RevierПре месец

    That one guy looks like he's addicted to heroine but also vegan for his health

  104. Watermelime

    WatermelimeПре месец

    I had to watch this documentary in school...

  105. Ducky 7677 Sloth

    Ducky 7677 SlothПре месец

    I don’t really care about humans... I just do and buy what I like for me not for others to judge me... dunno why I even posted this but for me cuz I’m sure I’m happy wo any responses

  106. Max Riley

    Max RileyПре месец

    Money is worthless, but you _can_ still give us yours.

  107. veronica

    veronicaПре месец

    Jennette McCurdy had these guys on her podcast lol, they sounded less insane on there tho idk maybe just production

  108. marie.

    marie.Пре месец

    Minimalism save me 🙏 and he- I mean it 🙏 can save you save you too 🙏

  109. marie.

    marie.Пре месец

    Uhm all those random testimonial people are either in my city in NC or like a 20 minuted drive away so on behalf of the NC Piedmonts uhm we don't claim them.