Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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  1. Call Me Bill

    Call Me BillПре 4 месеца

    Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.

  2. ParrotPlays

    ParrotPlaysПре 3 дана


  3. carealoo744

    carealoo744Пре 2 месеца

    I'd totally risk my life if it means I get to have fun for a day

  4. carealoo744

    carealoo744Пре 2 месеца

    Haven't seen any of these shows

  5. Night of the living wolf

    Night of the living wolfПре 2 месеца

    *saids enthusiastically*

  6. No No No No

    No No No NoПре 2 месеца

    Very big deal

  7. Alec Snow

    Alec SnowПре 2 сата

    the sora voice lines got me so good

  8. Thy Name Is P!

    Thy Name Is P!Пре 4 сата

    4:09 Is that the same crowd gasp used in Smash Bros Melee!?

  9. Rodney

    RodneyПре 4 сата

    You can watch all the broadcast channels for free with a TV tuner.

  10. Lyt Maes

    Lyt MaesПре 6 сати

    Drew = Hank Green + John Mulaney

  11. chvrrvism

    chvrrvismПре 6 сати

    the way masked singer is a blatant rip off of king of masked singer which is a show in korea lmaoo

  12. Alex Gavin

    Alex GavinПре 6 сати

    Why is this man trying to convince people that he watches sports so much

  13. Akshara Ramesh

    Akshara RameshПре 9 сати

    6:38 shirtless obama😂

  14. Ngcali Mgwebi

    Ngcali MgwebiПре 10 сати

    The Fact that a Netflix ad played in the middle of this videos. This whole video is a Netflix ad.

  15. Flame Kun

    Flame KunПре 11 сати

    I never knew that Drew is a fan of football.. i thought quite the opposite.

  16. Marcus Lombardo

    Marcus LombardoПре 18 сати

    I laughed for minutes at that commercial at the end lol

  17. Genevieve Henry

    Genevieve HenryПре 19 сати

    Spectrum made me buy cable cuz i needed WiFi to do school

  18. Jonah Wenger

    Jonah WengerПре 20 сати

    The only people who watch those dumb ABC dance/singing shows are either 40 year old moms or 8 year olds

  19. Mia Spinks

    Mia SpinksПре 21 сат

    "and constantly interrupted by commercials-" *ad plays*

  20. Weeb Shrimp

    Weeb ShrimpПре 22 сата

    cries, hellofresh don't really deliver to my country

  21. Weeb Shrimp

    Weeb ShrimpПре 22 сата

    wtf cable in america sounds like hell

  22. Weeb Shrimp

    Weeb ShrimpПре 22 сата

    i used to love everybody hates chris

  23. Meraki Painter

    Meraki PainterПре дан

    Spectrum is lookin to get a raid area 51 style for these prices then the wifi will drop out constantly too 🥴

  24. Speedwagon

    SpeedwagonПре дан

    6:50 I just realized that the voice actor of sora from kingdom hearts

  25. Jonas

    JonasПре дан

    The Good Doctor is the only good doctor show

  26. Laura Is Temporary

    Laura Is TemporaryПре дан

    fun fact: we don't have cable at my house, because what the frick is the point

  27. Myracle Woodford

    Myracle WoodfordПре дан

    Hey this was uploaded on my birthday 🙃

  28. Space dodo 83

    Space dodo 83Пре дан

    5:31 omg it’s o canada

  29. Brent Costello

    Brent CostelloПре дан

    when he said "interrputed by ads" an ad came on lol

  30. Sol

    SolПре дан

    Drew...literally laughed OUT LOUD to so many bits in here...fucking hilarious man...great video, so glad i'm subscribed to you

  31. Landry

    LandryПре дан

    At this point, he should just teach us how to pay taxes

  32. Sarah Fallon

    Sarah FallonПре дан

    A 25 minute rant about cable😂

  33. Male Darvis

    Male DarvisПре дан

    factor in internet that you must have to stream.

  34. Qailai

    QailaiПре дан

    ICSYV like TMS is also originally a Korean show which I enjoy watching. Why do they keep butchering shows I like-

  35. Sierra Kaye

    Sierra KayeПре дан

    Me and my family use AT&T U-verse and I don't think I could ever switch to another cable service. The cable box looks clean and is comfortable to look at (always has been), and I wouldn't have it any other way. A great alternative I would recommend that we have on top of it would be Amazon's Fire TV, which is best used with Amazon Prime. It includes all your favorite services in one place and is visually pleasing.

  36. Dumbass Child

    Dumbass ChildПре дан

    I'm an aussie watching this and I genuinely can't believe you have to pay for this kind of content. We have broadcasted shows that you connect the tv to a satellite dish on your roof and you get like 50 channels for free. sure most of the content is the same level of quality as cable but it's at least free, as long as you have an antenna, you have tv. ABC, SBS, channels 7,9,10 and their spin offs (7prime, 7mate, 9go, 10bold)

  37. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan RodriguezПре дан

    ok so im back from the dead and uh... i have cable bc my mom needs the internet... all me and my sister do is watch yt and stuff and NEVER watch the cable channels just yt. so yea pretty worthless.

  38. Cohen Steiniger

    Cohen SteinigerПре дан

    6:02 Danny really outdid himself with this

  39. Blu

    BluПре 2 дана

    watching the american masked singer/can you hear my voice makes me cringe sooo much, the korean version is so much better

  40. clock master

    clock masterПре 2 дана

    i recommend the owl house its on cable, but you can also get it on disney plus. its a fantasy cartoon about someone from our world accidentally travels to a different dimension full of magic.

  41. tomato pasta-0

    tomato pasta-0Пре 2 дана

    when he listed the crime shows i felt that (my mom watches about everyone thats airing 💀)

  42. spartan9035

    spartan9035Пре 2 дана

    Commercial at 9:37 was comedy gold

  43. John Trollinski

    John TrollinskiПре 2 дана

    G4, spike, and boomerang were the fucking best back in the day

  44. Casserole

    CasseroleПре 2 дана

    "and constantly interrupted by ads" Video *gets an ad at that exact second*

  45. Dog 69

    Dog 69Пре 2 дана

    You are american ducky bhai

  46. Theoretical Physics

    Theoretical PhysicsПре 2 дана

    I really wish I could convince some people in my family in cut cable already, idk why they're so reluctant to.

  47. Tristan_MP

    Tristan_MPПре 2 дана

    i used to watch the weather channel religously when i was like 10

  48. BangOnce

    BangOnceПре 2 дана

    13:15 source: just trust me, bro.

  49. Nekoszowa

    NekoszowaПре 2 дана

    The best way is to pirate. Arr.

  50. Anshika N

    Anshika NПре 2 дана

    just get sling, its broadcast channels for like 35 bucks a month and we share it w family and u can watch it wherever whenever

  51. Anshika N

    Anshika NПре 2 дана

    GREYS ANATOMY DOESNT DESERVE 17 SEASONS THERE I SAID IT and FRIENDS DIDNT DESERVE 12 SEASONS New girl and b99 and community deserve 12 szns 😤

  52. Anshika N

    Anshika NПре 2 дана

    The amount of Chicago shows the exist is insane. But then GOOD SHIT like B99 gets cancelled. Like no nbc fork off yes ik the creators cancelled it but the point about chicago still stands

  53. Ben Khaleq

    Ben KhaleqПре 2 дана

    I got a commercial right after he said "and constantly interrupted by commercials". U slick bastard

  54. -chloe-

    -chloe-Пре 2 дана

    “constantly interrupted by commercials-” **ad plays** well played

  55. Dj Delf

    Dj DelfПре 2 дана

    In Canada we have cable vision, 25 channels for 41$

  56. Emma Yount

    Emma YountПре 2 дана

    I have watched this video an ungodly amount of times

  57. ಠ_ʖಠ

    ಠ_ʖಠПре 2 дана

    Literally there are so many masked singers and I can see your voice q over the world My favorite is the Korean ones because they have my favorite singers guest and sing on it

  58. no worries 2

    no worries 2Пре 2 дана

    love the atla top

  59. Shane Williams

    Shane WilliamsПре 2 дана

    It's super funny cuz we in India pay USD 3-5$ for cable or dth, and it goes to the max of like 10-15$ to include every HD channels possible

  60. Shane Williams

    Shane WilliamsПре 2 дана

    Muricans don't have DTH ?

  61. Juliaa Jay

    Juliaa JayПре 2 дана

    Drew I have respected you up to this point. But don't you dare compare greys anatomy to attaway general 😭

  62. Christina Mansen

    Christina MansenПре 2 дана

    Okay but hey Criminal minds is pretty good come on

  63. quite hopeless

    quite hopelessПре 2 дана

    9:36 and constantly interrupted by ads- **ad starts playing**

  64. Mr. Irrelevent

    Mr. IrreleventПре 2 дана

    Cable tv just needs to die

  65. Dima El-Qasem

    Dima El-QasemПре 2 дана


  66. The Furry With no money

    The Furry With no moneyПре 2 дана

    the green screen tv in the background tripping me up thinking that its moving with my laptop screen the way it shakes.

  67. EDIT: /Enter_Name_Here/

    EDIT: /Enter_Name_Here/Пре 2 дана

    Criminal Minds is actually good.

  68. taylor swiftie 13

    taylor swiftie 13Пре 2 дана

    I actually watch(ed) I Can See Your Voice and I always scream at the person about how dumb they are and they end up being right about the singer

  69. aiyana white

    aiyana whiteПре 2 дана

    i can see your voice is one of the worst shows ive ever seen but dont get it twisted ken jeong is my favorite man on this earth

  70. aiyana white

    aiyana whiteПре 2 дана

    @String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ ken jeong as an entity is just hilarious to me i love him so much

  71. String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

    String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋПре 2 дана

    i seriously cannot decided if he is the worst or best person on earth

  72. Mandy Kolody

    Mandy KolodyПре 2 дана

    Me trying to convince my grandmother to get the internet Grandma:why do I need the internet Me:that's where everything is Grandma:I don't understand it, l don't want it

  73. Abbey Cat

    Abbey CatПре 2 дана

    Legitimate comment: my parents pay $200 per month for wifi; phone; and cable. Our wifi only works half the time (we have Mediacom). How do you find cheap enough wifi?

  74. KickAHobo

    KickAHoboПре 3 дана

    G4 is coming back; on RSclub, buddy!

  75. SilvioKLC

    SilvioKLCПре 3 дана

    I like DVBT

  76. The Sleepy Dot

    The Sleepy DotПре 3 дана

    Cable is so stupid, now that you mention it (or rather talk about it for 25 minutes)... I mean, you pay a flippin fortune monthly, and still get to watch more ads than you would if you went to a site dedicated to pop-up ads.

  77. The Sleepy Dot

    The Sleepy DotПре 3 дана

    Actually, Netflix also has an algorithm that recommend you stuff based on previous shows or movies you've watched, and also changes the thumbnails/promotional pictures to what the predict you are more likely to click on.

  78. Leah Sullyn

    Leah SullynПре 3 дана

    this is completely unrelated to the content of this vid but i love your atla shirt drew :)

  79. LlamaLord

    LlamaLordПре 3 дана

    You can have *every* streaming service instead of cable

  80. Cherry R

    Cherry RПре 3 дана

    the fucking kingdom hearts voice lines are so funny

  81. Emilie Snow

    Emilie SnowПре 3 дана

    im confused was that the start of the canadian national anthem at 5:31

  82. Corimoon

    CorimoonПре 3 дана

    RUGRATS MD!!! 😭

  83. Marko Novakovic

    Marko NovakovicПре 3 дана

    Hey man, why you gotta bash Scrubs? Scrubs is like Brooklyn 99 but in the medical genre.

  84. Restless Bear

    Restless BearПре 3 дана

    1:59 This is just Eurovision but less European.

  85. Restless Bear

    Restless BearПре 3 дана

    Britain: Pop idol America: American idol Sweden: Idol

  86. Donovan

    DonovanПре 3 дана

    my dad only keeps cable because of tcm which shows all 60+ year old movies lol I used to watch Harold loid with still do sometimes !o!

  87. Jacob Guenther

    Jacob GuentherПре 3 дана

    I haven't had cable for almost ten years and i've never missed it. Sure, some really good shows have come out but i can just stream or buy the blu-ray set. Cable is a dying enterprise.

  88. My penis is small, but

    My penis is small, butПре 3 дана

    Yeah TV is stupid, 1/3 commercials and all Actors are almost always pricks who think they are hot shit and TV manifests them. It’s expensive and they scam you and I can’t wait until TV dies. Times are changing and it’s kinda expected that if you have ads shoved down your face every 5 minutes it will be free. Yet TV thinks they can charge 10x more than any other providers and be 10x as worthless. I remember the days of having to remember what time a show was on so I could be home and watch it and then coming home and the TV listings changed and I catch the end credits.

  89. Knight Enchanter

    Knight EnchanterПре 3 дана

    The original (Korean versions) Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice are amazing. The American versions are a f**king travesty in comparison. Also I like the procedural crime dramas and med dramas, they make for good leisure watch as they're episodic so you can jump in any time and wouldn't miss a thing. In contrast I hate dramas with overarching plotlines nowadays as I do not have the patience to watch the same shit get dragged on for 31212 seasons.

  90. Kristy M

    Kristy MПре 3 дана

    I will not tolerate this Criminal Minds slander

  91. scrabble with Cheeto breath

    scrabble with Cheeto breathПре 3 дана

    I watch every single one of those government organization shows...

  92. Dead Slushie Walkin'

    Dead Slushie Walkin'Пре 3 дана

    Drew: "And constantly interrupted by ads-" *AD PLAYS* Me: you clever son of a gun.

  93. Yourleft AirPodpro

    Yourleft AirPodproПре 3 дана

    God it’s been so long since I’ve been recommended Drew I forgot how genuinely funny he was

  94. kitsukos

    kitsukosПре 3 дана

    my grandparents have paid for spectrum/charter for as long as i can remember, yes, i'm 13 and have lived with them almost all my life. i feel horrible for their bank accounts

  95. Devils Deck Of Cards

    Devils Deck Of CardsПре 3 дана

    the CW app cuts in like 3 or 4 ads every like 10 minutes. like 4 ads in succession. So i kinda watched half of the new superman family thing until the ads got too tedious.

  96. Mokhie Lisitsyn

    Mokhie LisitsynПре 3 дана

    Capitalism breeds innovation

  97. Darth Malgus

    Darth MalgusПре 3 дана

    My dog hates your video. I put the headphones on him and he hated it. You need to improve your quality

  98. Moses Embrey

    Moses EmbreyПре 3 дана

    I got a Comcast ad while watching this

  99. Nicholas Folk

    Nicholas FolkПре 4 дана

    So hold up, GI James is a sergeant first class?? In an AIR FORCE UNIFORM?? With UNIT PATCHES ON THE SLEEVES??

  100. Cormac Donnelly

    Cormac DonnellyПре 4 дана

    American tv is unbelievably different to the rest of the world

  101. Deku Leaf

    Deku LeafПре 4 дана

    Brooklyn 99 does this but at least it’s funny

  102. JNFE TV

    JNFE TVПре 4 дана

    Who buys cable anymore? You'd have to be a fool!

  103. BeeGroovy

    BeeGroovyПре 4 дана

    They're are good ones, you just have to spend hours removing most of the bad ones from your feed.

  104. MegaGinia

    MegaGiniaПре 4 дана

    Ummm . . . Rugrats MD?

  105. Susboy95

    Susboy95Пре 4 дана

    Lmao he put an ad right after he said constantly interrupted by ads

  106. I'm neither a poet nor a artist

    I'm neither a poet nor a artistПре 4 дана

    They took all this ideas from korean shows

  107. LTMC Media

    LTMC MediaПре 4 дана

    Why does cable even still exist