Let's Leave Pranks in 2020

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hi mom

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  1. Benjamin Gardiner

    Benjamin GardinerПре 5 месеци

    Why Hasn't he pinned a comment yet

  2. Lorena Horncastle

    Lorena HorncastleПре 14 дана

    @madi jokes on you it’s more than 700 likes

  3. Someone

    SomeoneПре 17 дана

    idk man it’s kinda weird

  4. Rat Queen

    Rat QueenПре 18 дана

    Smh 😔🤚

  5. Random Stuff History

    Random Stuff HistoryПре 20 дана


  6. Futuremotions

    FuturemotionsПре месец


  7. Jenna Cooper

    Jenna CooperПре 2 сата

    the twin guy is literally wearing a PPE gown...

  8. Little Dream

    Little DreamПре 7 сати

    I hate seeing people purchase medical supplies when there are people who actually need it and just feels insulting. Like these supplies are needed for people who really need it.

  9. Zach Genis

    Zach GenisПре 10 сати

    I love how he said in the beginning, on my mom like we wear cute.

  10. Rayna Kasey

    Rayna KaseyПре 19 сати

    The secretive consonant intraoperatively wreck because cheese markedly compete via a boorish ravioli. ruddy, unusual invention

  11. diecast jam

    diecast jamПре дан

    The 2nd one, it's like they watched DaddyOFive, and thought hmmm that seems like a good idea, traumatised kids seems to gain views, I'll do it. I mean when my kid was 8-9 if she started crying over something it would break my heart, damn last year when she was 17 she got a bad haircut and was in bits over it, she was so upset that I started crying too, lol.

  12. Joy-Bass-Yass

    Joy-Bass-YassПре дан

    Poor dog looks distressed😔

  13. ClumsyDark

    ClumsyDarkПре дан

    So like is nobody gonna talk about how in the 3rd vid the dads case didn’t have a phone

  14. gamer girrl

    gamer girrlПре дан

    4:06 that dog...

  15. OminousShrimp

    OminousShrimpПре дан

    Also remember: where there's a trend there's a gacha life video. Do something on that.

  16. OminousShrimp

    OminousShrimpПре дан

    I wish that 'whatever it takes' actually meant making the kid lose his memory.

  17. John D

    John DПре дан

    So called “comedy” is aids today

  18. Kermit The frog

    Kermit The frogПре дан

    7:39 I spat out my water

  19. ABadDemono

    ABadDemonoПре 2 дана

    Pfftt 'Nowhere to go but up" LMAOOOO

  20. zycd

    zycdПре 2 дана

    Freaking boyfriend at that age

  21. ValentinoSomething

    ValentinoSomethingПре 2 дана

    overly saturated content of prank videos will get cringey and dangerous over the years but i think that it have always been like that bc it wasn't recorded and posted on the internet

  22. Nice Profile

    Nice ProfileПре 3 дана

    How can anyone watch this cringe. I’m not strong enough

  23. Zoe Tezak

    Zoe TezakПре 3 дана

    The Royalty Family stoke Gloom’s dog!!! Twinkie!!!

  24. Kai Green

    Kai GreenПре 3 дана

    that wheelchair looks so nice I have had my wheelchair for 8 years And they last 4 years ish

  25. Mudinabowl

    MudinabowlПре 3 дана

    5:03 i’m the confused one because people actually watch her at my school (we’re in 7th grade and they still watch them idk if it’s the same person but someone else watches attaway general or at least that channel that makes it)

  26. Reya Porche

    Reya PorcheПре 4 дана

    The dobre video is sooooo cringey😭

  27. 23%

    23%Пре 5 дана

    As someone who has an amnesia barrier due to trama and OSDD, AND got kidnapped / went missing for a couple few days, videos like this make the people who are suffering seem like they are overreacting or if they are faking it. They are harmful and make me seem like a joke.

  28. Raeex

    RaeexПре 5 дана

    18 over the age of children😃

  29. Narcissa Deville

    Narcissa DevilleПре 5 дана

    here's a prank for you, if I was with someone who did this shit we're getting a divorce/breaking up.

  30. Nocou502

    Nocou502Пре 5 дана

    Lots of people say “their 12 year old viewers” no, it’s just 6 year olds watching that.

  31. Abigail Fiero

    Abigail FieroПре 7 дана

    2:39 I love this clip so much.

  32. Stigopopoluz

    StigopopoluzПре 7 дана

    Omg dude! You had me short of breath when you hit the like button. I don't know why but I found that hilarious

  33. NyanMAD

    NyanMADПре 8 дана

    If I am ever recommended a video from a family vlogging channel, a ‘prank’ channel or a channel which is just children trying to act like TV adults I fucking hope I get amnesia

  34. Thomas Africa

    Thomas AfricaПре 8 дана

    5:23 the dog has no idea what's going on

  35. kyley peters

    kyley petersПре 8 дана

    7:39 just realized that this is that one tiktok audio lmao



    hi. 2021 was no better :)

  37. Mudawi

    MudawiПре 9 дана

    7:27 i can’t breath 😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Artekaii

    ArtekaiiПре 9 дана

    As someone who's big sister became paraplegic after an incident when I was in 4th grade, the disability pranks are pissing me off so much.

  39. John G

    John GПре 10 дана

    It'd be funny if this family made a prank with mustard gas...

  40. Mike FromMN

    Mike FromMNПре 10 дана

    Kidnap your neighbors children, but it’s ok, it’s just a prank bro!!!1!1!!1!1

  41. CyrusRyan447

    CyrusRyan447Пре 10 дана

    I just realized I havent been subscribed. Ive been watching you for about 2 years now. Help me

  42. Lovely Scrub Gaming

    Lovely Scrub GamingПре 10 дана

    Omfgggg i laughed soooo hard at the liking and unliking loop that my sides hurt and i have tears in my eyes

  43. Jace Pruett

    Jace PruettПре 11 дана

    The worst thing is my sister watches piper rockelle with a determination to keep it on full volume

  44. EZMoney

    EZMoneyПре 11 дана

    I remember 2 years ago my friend and her boyfriend went missing and it was horrible. Everyone that knew them was super worried. We went on social media, put up signs, and fortunately they were found after a few days. I was so relieved that they were safe and okay. And then I got 30 million views when I monetized it and put 8 midroll ads on the RSclub video.

  45. Irish Empire

    Irish EmpireПре 11 дана

    "Its just a prank dude" "Why is my house and family on fire"

  46. Ricardo P.

    Ricardo P.Пре 11 дана

    Is it THAT wrong of me to hope that some of these 'vlogging' youtubers get hurt doing these pranks? Nothing permanent, maybe a broken arm. Or dying. But nothing too harsh.

  47. healthy corn

    healthy cornПре 11 дана

    I feel like the only good pranks are the ones you can laugh at in the moment. I remember that once, my bus got to my stop early. I was young so my dad usually was there when I got off the bus, but he wasn't on the stop yet (it was a few blocks away). Me and my sister decided to walk home ourselves because we knew the way. On our street, we noticed him leaving the house and walking to the bus stop. We decided to hide behind some trees and then follow him to the bus stop to surprise him. I'm shocked we actually were stealthy enough to pull it off but he didn't notice us and waited for our bus to arrive. Then we jumped out. He thought it was hilarious

  48. Frisbee Dan

    Frisbee DanПре 11 дана

    I feel really bad for your recommendations after this!

  49. Zachary Dommenge

    Zachary DommengeПре 12 дана

    Wait! What was I gonna comment? I can't remember! Haha got you! I lost my memory prank! Idiot.

  50. Meh chicken nuggets

    Meh chicken nuggetsПре 12 дана

    ur reminding me of someone.. D-DANNY! Godzilla.. Danny Godzilla yes gonzalez? No

  51. Meh chicken nuggets

    Meh chicken nuggetsПре 12 дана

    oh wait- sorry ur the same person 😅 u even made a song about it 😌

  52. A Living Cactus

    A Living CactusПре 12 дана

    bffft Description in the link ;)

  53. Carlos Aguirre

    Carlos AguirreПре 12 дана

    When he started singing. I just lost it 😂

  54. SpicyMustard

    SpicyMustardПре 12 дана

    Only Drew’s comments make me laugh

  55. potatopouf

    potatopoufПре 12 дана

    the thing about those stupid memory loss vids is that they would BE IN THE HOSPITAL IF SOMETHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

  56. UndoOpacity

    UndoOpacityПре 12 дана

    So wait...that’s the mom using the dog like a sock puppet? I thought it was another kid.

  57. king creeper

    king creeperПре 13 дана

    00:00 Ooh this didn't age well

  58. Mag

    MagПре 13 дана

    It was a joke, we obviously knew the world would still be just as rancid

  59. Paper

    PaperПре 13 дана

    I ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴛʜɪs ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ᴀɴɴᴏʏs ʏᴏᴜ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ʟᴇᴛᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ sᴍᴀʟʟ

  60. Somebody Dead

    Somebody DeadПре 13 дана


  61. Aamiena Breda

    Aamiena BredaПре 13 дана

    Hey guy??? Please explain

  62. Benjamin Collins

    Benjamin CollinsПре 14 дана

    I like the Dobre twins because they look identical but one always looks like they have less brain cells

  63. Tammy Alves

    Tammy AlvesПре 15 дана

    4:49 Drew: *trying to comprehend what he just saw* The RSclub ad: You just broke your phone.


    IDENTITY VПре 15 дана

    I'm leaving this video .. cause I can't watch em ..I left my thumb

  65. Laura S

    Laura SПре 15 дана

    God, I f*cking hate people. Christ. Watching these idiots legit raises my blood pressure. 😶

  66. • Vee Bee •

    • Vee Bee •Пре 16 дана

    Cameraman is invisible

  67. Sophia Coats-Clemans

    Sophia Coats-ClemansПре 16 дана

    unsung hero drew gooden: watching shit prank videos so you don't have to

  68. Talia Godfrey

    Talia GodfreyПре 16 дана


  69. Talia Godfrey

    Talia GodfreyПре 16 дана


  70. Crystal Stormspoon

    Crystal StormspoonПре 16 дана

    little did he know...

  71. Mo Stidum

    Mo StidumПре 17 дана

    So glad I watched to the end 🤣🤣

  72. Bertram Lupov

    Bertram LupovПре 17 дана

    Literally anything happens Lost memories

  73. Shreyansh Verma

    Shreyansh VermaПре 17 дана

    Dude, the shitty acting.😂😂😂😂

  74. Linda Mueller

    Linda MuellerПре 17 дана

    RIP that prankster ayyyyy

  75. Gabe Itch

    Gabe ItchПре 17 дана

    6:51 I laughed my ass off at this adult man bragging that he’s less gullible than a little girl

  76. Daniel gosling

    Daniel goslingПре 17 дана

    This was so cringy I had to skip through it

  77. Cal Scott

    Cal ScottПре 17 дана

    It’s honestly tragic that these parents are moulding their kids into these roasters

  78. J

    JПре 18 дана

    wow, 11m people who like watching cringe videos

  79. Artem Litvinenko

    Artem LitvinenkoПре 18 дана

    Ha ha “return to normal”

  80. Artem Litvinenko

    Artem LitvinenkoПре 18 дана

    I might have depression

  81. Zooch

    ZoochПре 18 дана

    Congrats on 3 million! Now upload another video.

  82. hisoka simp

    hisoka simpПре 18 дана

    Can people stop using trauma, disabilities, memory loss, and being a*usive, and being pervy, using women for clickbait, using women, for pranks.....AND LIKE I CAN GO ON AND ON LIKE STOP/srs

  83. hisoka simp

    hisoka simpПре 18 дана

    Me that has been watching your videos since 2016...... whey am I not subscribed.

  84. hisoka simp

    hisoka simpПре 18 дана

    hi mom

  85. blueoceanvalley45465

    blueoceanvalley45465Пре 18 дана

    I love the hospital gown 🤣 that’s a PPE gown. The nurse might wear that if you have a communicable disease but never a patient 🤣🤣

  86. Waffles

    WafflesПре 18 дана

    I know that legally this isn't child abuse, but it feels like child abuse...Like, watching this I know there are definitely worse forms of abuse, but it still feels wrong and shady. I hope the kids on these kinds of channels somehow manage to grow into functional people. I mean, I know they won't, but it feels better to just tell myself there's a chance so I can stop thinking about this stuff existing.

  87. Blu Pantoja

    Blu PantojaПре 18 дана

    Snorting crack prank for a decade

  88. abdelrahman hammad

    abdelrahman hammadПре 18 дана

    Breathing oxygen prank (gone wrong)

  89. Astral Odyssey Gaming

    Astral Odyssey GamingПре 18 дана

    6:00 when that “fake story” actually happened to me and I had to spend 2 nights in the hospital causing me to miss Christmas Day. Yup I hate these pranks. They are also so unrealistic

  90. Jay Maverick

    Jay MaverickПре 18 дана

    Entertainment for sociopaths. Tens of millions of views. I feel ill.

  91. ISPY4ever

    ISPY4everПре 18 дана

    I can't watch this cringe fiesta. The internet truely has brought us too much shit in the past years.

  92. Emma Drew

    Emma DrewПре 19 дана

    If I’m going to watch identical twins with a brother named Marcus on RSclub it’s the Welsh twins

  93. Emma Drew

    Emma DrewПре 19 дана

    To be fair there are ambulatory wheelchair users. However, normally when they’re using the wheelchair, especially if it’s only when pain or injuries flair up, they aren’t doing jumping jacks and lifting it in the car lol. I am getting crutches or a cane for my issues soon but like that would be something I wouldn’t use all the time.

  94. {Bonnie's fidget channel}

    {Bonnie's fidget channel}Пре 19 дана

    Best part is at 7:36

  95. TheFilmSoapy

    TheFilmSoapyПре 19 дана

    hey man, i kinda got distracted by the "in rainbows" album in your background. everyone knows OK Computer is the best Radiohead album.

  96. Hannah Radman

    Hannah RadmanПре 19 дана

    We faked brain Damage and Made a little girl cry Hahah

  97. Zbear

    ZbearПре 19 дана

    Oh its the royalty family I do not like them very much.

  98. T0xic Playz

    T0xic PlayzПре 19 дана


  99. Karina Gutierrez

    Karina GutierrezПре 19 дана

    The dobrev brothers are soooo cringeeeeeeeeeee

  100. Henry Mars

    Henry MarsПре 19 дана

    Humans are complete garbage

  101. Wolf.

    Wolf.Пре 19 дана

    Simultaneously for kids and age restricted YT in 2021 in s nutshell

  102. Suzie Cox

    Suzie CoxПре 20 дана

    that pug has even less dignity than most pugs

  103. Progenitor77

    Progenitor77Пре 20 дана

    The fact that people make millions of dollars and get so rich from doing these prank videos is insulting to anyone with a real job. It's idiots who watch these videos and give them views that are the problem.

  104. J T

    J TПре 20 дана

    'Who am I?' 'A person?' 'Yep you are a person'

  105. Shae Davis

    Shae DavisПре 20 дана

    Remember kids don't do prank that will physically or mentally harm someone

  106. Adam Hart

    Adam HartПре 21 дан

    I see the missing gacha video

  107. J Dalton

    J DaltonПре 21 дан

    Drew ur hair sticking up is making me want to commit die

  108. Hornet mobile

    Hornet mobileПре 21 дан

    3 mill