Let's Leave Pranks in 2020

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  1. Benjamin Gardiner

    Benjamin GardinerПре 2 месеца

    Why Hasn't he pinned a comment yet

  2. Green! Loves Cuphead

    Green! Loves CupheadПре 3 дана

    @nasarinqs evIl....

  3. popycorn300

    popycorn300Пре 3 дана

    @nasarinqs wow so funny and original

  4. Caroline

    CarolineПре 4 дана


  5. tendoクロ

    tendoクロПре 5 дана

    congratulation, my guy

  6. Luke Blais

    Luke BlaisПре 6 дана

    @nasarinqs NOO-

  7. dylpkl7573

    dylpkl7573Пре 31 минут

    Ok but is anyone else unsettled by the montage of the wheelchair

  8. dylpkl7573

    dylpkl7573Пре 31 минут

    Or just in general of people playing these pranks

  9. Ashkan

    AshkanПре 5 сати


  10. Teal Squid

    Teal SquidПре 7 сати

    Oh cool emotional abuse is being monetized. That's cool.

  11. whatever man

    whatever manПре 9 сати

    I wish death all upon whever on those videos. nope this is not extreme

  12. Uncle Phil

    Uncle PhilПре 10 сати

    Wish that guy who got shot in Nashville for a prank had seen this.

  13. BigFella

    BigFellaПре 12 сати


  14. April Sebok

    April SebokПре дан

    Drew liking and then immediately unliking the video is possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life



    Its kinda sad that kids are the ones watching these videos then believing them. Then I remember 10 year old me watching fake movie trailers and believing it too. Really wished Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 was real :(

  16. A Person

    A PersonПре дан

    hello son

  17. Miss O

    Miss OПре дан

    I achieved the elusive made for kids and age restricted by recording dramatic readings of Macbeth for my students

  18. Gunveer Singh Dhir

    Gunveer Singh DhirПре дан

    This is literally bangbros level acting

  19. cookie •_•

    cookie •_•Пре дан

    These prank channels confuse me. I don’t think pranks have to be about injuries and pregnancy and cheating (and other stuff). They are supposed to be funny, not concerning.

  20. Tiger Lily Smith

    Tiger Lily SmithПре дан

    yeah, a good prank confuses people, not hurts them

  21. Peyten Eq

    Peyten EqПре дан

    When the kid slapped the wall I died

  22. Laura Wachter

    Laura WachterПре дан

    I thought we left shit like "missing pranks" in the past after that one girl's mom thought her missing daughter was the kidnapping victim in a viral video that ended up being faked.

  23. Darla Juarez

    Darla JuarezПре дан

    “ I’m faiting rn”😭💀

  24. Christian

    ChristianПре дан

    Idk why but the "hit the like button and subscribe" bit had me dying

  25. Tristan Radeka

    Tristan RadekaПре дан

    It’s really interesting to me how a lot of prank channels have died out now but almost every vlog channel is doing pranks that they never did before

  26. ClarrytheClam

    ClarrytheClamПре дан

    Its annoying knowing that they're using a wheelchair as just an expensive prop for this rubbish prank, when there are people out their with real disabilities & pain that makes it hard for them to live their everyday lives, but they can't gain access to the resources they need to actually help themselves... Privilege at its height :/ Long Edit: Obviously, I agree with everything else that Drew points out about how problematic this kind of content is overall... Making light of & poking fun at real-life situations that ruin people's lives is deplorable, whether it's abusive relationships, illnesses, accidents, disabilities, losing loved one's or acting overly sexually explicit, all of this is stuff that shouldn't be being normalised anywhere, let alone on channels that are meant for children! 💢 I just wanted to also mention how I find the wheelchair thing annoying because I had a friend who spent nearly 5 years in constant pain, trying to get diagnosis's & support, & I know how much of a relief it was for her to gain her independence and life back again when she finally got her own wheelchair... And this was in a country with a free national health service, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to get this kind of support in a country where healthcare is all privatised 😖 Seeing people act all jovial over a wheelchair and bandages because 'lol we get to act ill and play in a wheelchair for a day! so silly and fun lol!', it just strikes a nerve. I really hope they at least donated the equipment to a good cause afterwards rather than just letting it all go to waste...

  27. Wolvahulk

    WolvahulkПре 2 дана

    I literally always feel like doing what Drew did when youtubers ask multiple times to like and subscribe, it's so idk, cathartic? To see someone else do it.

  28. Skylar A

    Skylar AПре 2 дана

    pulling the ultimate prank & convincing myself i do not have amnesiac issues, therefore curing my memory loss. smash that subscribe button /j (for real though everyone who resorts to faking amnesia/disability for clout can kick rocks) /srs

  29. Addison Jones

    Addison JonesПре 2 дана

    15:36 is nobody’s gonna talk about how great this would be as a song

  30. nikita

    nikitaПре 2 дана

    haha cool youtube promotes this shit and removes coco

  31. strayffe

    strayffeПре 2 дана

    Commit war crimes pranks

  32. strayffe

    strayffeПре 2 дана

    It’s a dog dip shit

  33. david Zhorzhikashvili

    david ZhorzhikashviliПре 2 дана

    Children over the 18💀

  34. dave lightSaber

    dave lightSaberПре 2 дана

    ...Why do All of this for fake videos ?

  35. Mr. Irrelevent

    Mr. IrreleventПре 2 дана

    The talking dog bit is kinda cool

  36. Michael Hammers

    Michael HammersПре 2 дана

    Now that Joe Biden is president things are only gonna get worse

  37. Charlie Taylor

    Charlie TaylorПре 3 дана

    I can’t wait till there’s a “I HAVE TOURETTES PRANK!!!!! 😱😱😱😱”

  38. probably dead inside

    probably dead insideПре 3 дана

    what's worse is that they're taking medical supplies for a prank that someone probably really needs :(

  39. Corimoon

    CorimoonПре 3 дана

    13:30 *WhAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT?!?!* 👉🏻

  40. Comrade Americans

    Comrade AmericansПре 3 дана

    as a person whose grandad has dementia and can't even remember my name, these pranks are very tasteful

  41. J O

    J OПре 3 дана

    The wheelchair part really bugged me. I had to wait months, bed bound without a wheelchair and immobile because I couldn't afford one and when the gov finally helped me I got the first rusty ill-fitting thing thrown at me and am expected to live my life in it. Meanwhile this guy just... buys a brand new wheelchair for fun. That wheelchair is the wheelchair of my DREAMS and honestly now I'm sad I might just never have that comfort :/ high at 3am yall

  42. MarkosmyWords

    MarkosmyWordsПре 3 дана

    I swear a YT Vlogger Family could rob a bank live on camera and RSclub would still monetize them.

  43. MarkosmyWords

    MarkosmyWordsПре 3 дана

    I’ve only watched like 10 seconds of The Royalty Family and I already hate them

  44. Kai Jackson

    Kai JacksonПре 3 дана

    Realized I wasn't subscribed and I'm disappointed in myself

  45. Plantern 45

    Plantern 45Пре 3 дана

    Tbh its upsetting that they messed around with actual medical supplies. Those supplies that they bought and wasted for a "Prank" which couldve been sold to others and used for people who actually NEED it. smh PLUS THIS JUST GIVES THEM TRUST ISSUES.

  46. Gilda

    GildaПре 3 дана

    I told my girlfriend that I was gonna leave my depression in 2020....so...that ended quickly 🥲

  47. Sophie Schroer

    Sophie SchroerПре 3 дана

    "We have over 14 million subscribers" Remember Marcus. You make a career out of flexing on everybody else and showing off all the money you make and all the stuff you have.

  48. Ali

    AliПре 4 дана

    If I got a call saying someone I care about had amnesia, my first questions would be what hospital they're at and what type of amnesia they have. It's like the people in these videos forget that amnesia is a real disorder that is diagnosed by a real doctor. It has symptoms that aren't just "a person reverts back to 2-year old logic".

  49. Blackfeathers

    BlackfeathersПре 4 дана

    This is painful to watch

  50. Shannon Moore

    Shannon MooreПре 4 дана

    Omg ur so f'ing hilarious..u always make me laugh when I'm having the sh*ttiest of days,thank u😊❤

  51. oliver addison

    oliver addisonПре 4 дана

    “on my mom!” wewearcute flashbacks

  52. Freezing Fronk

    Freezing FronkПре 4 дана

    15:13 but me is stupid 12 year old


    FLAME_CASTПре 5 дана

    so hard

  54. Aliza sampson

    Aliza sampsonПре 5 дана

    Yeah I’m subbing and I’m only on the second vid

  55. Phyvemin

    PhyveminПре 5 дана

    How does he remember he lost his memory, how does he even know the concept of memory, and after what point did he not remember, and how does he know English

  56. Phyvemin

    PhyveminПре 5 дана

    0:16 people did go up and nowhere else, eeeessh dark

  57. ajshjddj akksdjfk

    ajshjddj akksdjfkПре 6 дана

    the way he’s wearing a ppe gown in just underwear...I’m cackling, 0 effort.

  58. KaileyDeemer

    KaileyDeemerПре 6 дана

    It makes me so uncomfortable. Idk if it’s the same dude but apparently the girl from the beginning is 13 and her boyfriend is 15... I know it’s only 2 years but like that mans is in high school and she’s more than likely in middleschool. It just makes me a little uncomfy

  59. Axion

    AxionПре 6 дана

    piper's boyfriend is literally eight lmao

  60. Tomoko's Pizza Rolls

    Tomoko's Pizza RollsПре 6 дана

    1:29 I think we found Rusty Cage and his dad

  61. Geist

    GeistПре 7 дана

    I remember when this Rivera video was on #1 . I hated the thumbnail, so I never watched it.

  62. EdCrazyGaming

    EdCrazyGamingПре 7 дана

    This has GOT to be emotional abuse and is also very unhealthy to trick your ACTUAL children into thinking someone lost their memory

  63. KittyCorn Roblox!

    KittyCorn Roblox!Пре 7 дана

    13:23 I thought the girl in the last video was Laura lee at first 😭😭☠️

  64. KittyCorn Roblox!

    KittyCorn Roblox!Пре 7 дана

    There are MANY kids channels who do that example Liliana ketchman,txunamy,piper rockelle etc. It's just disrespectful and the kids watching think it isn't even tho it is.(Don't hate on those youtubers they are minors,plus you shouldn't attack someone anyway.)

  65. Kitty

    KittyПре 7 дана

    The fact people think prank channels are real sends me, the acting is always so terrible lmfao 😂😂

  66. Jaylop97

    Jaylop97Пре 7 дана

    I don't know how anyone that aren't children can enjoy these snore fest prank videos, they're the most driest, unfunniest and boring videos to watch on RSclub, there are so many better videos out there that have more effort than these pathetic million sub channels that barely put any effort into acting, and doing anything remotely interesting.

  67. Denniskane Chanyeol

    Denniskane ChanyeolПре 7 дана

    Is doctor watching this? I wanna ask something, are people who amnesia literally forget anything? (Like, the definition of home, or some basic knowledge like that)

  68. Rabid Hog

    Rabid HogПре 8 дана

    Bro, I’m warning you, you’d better run. Piper rockelle’s 8 year old fans are gonna blow up your comments from now on. OH GOD HERE THEY COME AAAAHHHH

  69. Dresha802

    Dresha802Пре 8 дана

    "We faked a brain injury and made a little girl cry."

  70. Abubakr Kashani

    Abubakr KashaniПре 8 дана

    13:36 The description says "Might of" instead of "Might have" How stupid are they. I'm not a native English speaker and I know that.

  71. KittyCorn Roblox!

    KittyCorn Roblox!Пре 7 дана

    Not everyone is good at English or speaks English as their first language kiddo-

  72. NovaBEE

    NovaBEEПре 8 дана

    Also pls stop ruining other peoples fun and being sooooo realistic

  73. NovaBEE

    NovaBEEПре 8 дана

    Ok will you stop

  74. Paige Gray

    Paige GrayПре 8 дана

    The generation of kids watching these videos gonna have some issues

  75. Zander Ruelas

    Zander RuelasПре 8 дана

    The mom from the first prank looks like Tory from cobra kai.

  76. Audrey Bea

    Audrey BeaПре 8 дана

    Funny thing about the hospital stealing his clothes, Im a care taker for one of my older neighbors and he had to go to the hospital and an ambulance brought him home, which I didn't know they could do, but they brought him back in a hospital gown and his clothes in a bag? Idk I thought that was weird bc his clothes werent dirty or anything they just like didn't wanna change him ig???

  77. Sochikki

    SochikkiПре 8 дана

    God I'm having such a hard time getting through this video for the sheer secondhand embarrassment of it all... But for Drew I will try

  78. Demiglitch

    DemiglitchПре 9 дана

    If I was the dog I'd push them down the stairs and hit on the mother too.

  79. Eryka

    ErykaПре 9 дана

    Drew how do you sit through these videos without dying from cringe? Genuinely??

  80. Alexander Mitchell

    Alexander MitchellПре 9 дана

    The wary tailor hepatosplenomegaly perform because salad fundamentally own behind a squeamish cream. interesting, homely syrup

  81. Bella Cruz

    Bella CruzПре 9 дана

    I'm late but I honestly want to see him react to piper rockelle, and her whole squad.

  82. Moonlight Himiko

    Moonlight HimikoПре 9 дана

    Marcus: “What are subscribers?” Lucas: “basically people who have subscribed to you” How helpful

  83. Jonathan Ferraro

    Jonathan FerraroПре 9 дана

    "I called 911 and hung up and they called me back" 911 would never call a person back

  84. Elie Hausler

    Elie HauslerПре 10 дана

    3:38 I laughed way to hard at that.

  85. TheLordWillis

    TheLordWillisПре 10 дана

    Does this happen anywhere but in the US?

  86. Mts

    MtsПре 10 дана

    Wish we did, but we didnt and someone got killed for a prank

  87. esteban collazo

    esteban collazoПре 10 дана

    The scientific peak finally shrug because hate descriptively load until a worried wedge. misty, alert polish

  88. Watermelon Jakey

    Watermelon JakeyПре 10 дана

    i like your videos but this one weakened my mentel state

  89. Rabid Hog

    Rabid HogПре 11 дана

    15:13 bro I’m 13 and I avoid all of this bullshit. It’s so stupid.

  90. Claire Cook

    Claire CookПре 11 дана

    lmao in 2017 I fell down a flight of 15 stairs because my fuzzy socks and I slipped on the top one and I woke up in the ICU, completely unable to move or feel my left leg from the hip down, and had to undergo surgery and months of painful recovery and physical therapy during what should have been the last few months of my senior year of high school, but yeah, what a funny prank that girl did!

  91. Maverick Beaven

    Maverick BeavenПре 11 дана

    6:46 Drew Dislikes video

  92. fromoutoftheunexpected

    fromoutoftheunexpectedПре 11 дана

    can you put a trigger warning for child abuse next time?

  93. Danial Khan

    Danial KhanПре 12 дана

    Little does drew know this year is about to get much worse people are abouta raid the capital building 😂

  94. Dead Dog Gangnam Style

    Dead Dog Gangnam StyleПре 12 дана

    I feel like stabbing every RSclub prankster, minor or not

  95. Trustworthy Goodnews

    Trustworthy GoodnewsПре 12 дана

    A mom (who's supposed to the adult in the situation) using a dog to tell very young viewers that he's gonna "hit on their moms" and "their parents might get divorced because of that" just irks me and makes me so uncomfortable. We should really cancel all family vloggers.

  96. HRG 21

    HRG 21Пре 12 дана

    The Dobre Brothers talk like little kids it's so cringe I like

  97. Charlotte Lim

    Charlotte LimПре 12 дана

    holy shit look at the like to dislike ratio

  98. Eliza McKerrow

    Eliza McKerrowПре 12 дана

    It's the ableism for me in these videos

  99. Trevan R8501

    Trevan R8501Пре 12 дана

    4:49 perfect spot for an ad

  100. cornstarch54

    cornstarch54Пре 12 дана

    the boyfriend's reaction to the girl hitting her head was unbelievable and just downright embarrassing. like, i see why he would be upset, but jesus christ man leave the wall alone.

  101. Jodi Kruger

    Jodi KrugerПре 13 дана

    “Do you remember this dog?” “What is this?” “A dog” 😂😂

  102. Cosper Andrew

    Cosper AndrewПре 13 дана

    O this isn’t a good year

  103. Ash Gulewicz

    Ash GulewiczПре 13 дана

    The comments talking about how disrespectful it is to use disabilities and trauma for clout/money are the least appreciated.

  104. Ash Gulewicz

    Ash GulewiczПре 13 дана

    These types of videos are especially insensitive to people who have been trying to get a wheelchair for years but can't due to a lack of money... Like they don't even need a wheelchair and bought one for keks, but they'll probably just leave it lying around in their garage to collect dust while someone else suffers.

  105. Bri Anderson

    Bri AndersonПре 13 дана

    nico nico nii

  106. Laszlo the resistance soldier

    Laszlo the resistance soldierПре 14 дана

    Well this intro aged like milk

  107. jdeez

    jdeezПре 14 дана

    these memory prank videos feel more and more ableist when they progress

  108. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne JonesПре 14 дана

    That yellow "robe" that the Dobre Brothers used is actually for the nurses when the go into a sick patients room It'snot for patients. So right off the bat people should have realized this was a stupid prank/lie