Disney Channel Musicals

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  1. SCR33M

    SCR33MПре 8 месеци

    I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.

  2. Another Papa Sheev

    Another Papa SheevПре дан

    Replied to have replies and feel like people are talking to me

  3. PearTree

    PearTreeПре 2 дана


  4. Manny Lai

    Manny LaiПре 3 дана

    I didn't mean to reply to you... sorry.

  5. Fnaf Plushy videos .EXEreborn

    Fnaf Plushy videos .EXErebornПре 3 дана

    I didn’t mean to click this comment, sorry

  6. Manny Lai

    Manny LaiПре 5 дана


  7. chomusuke

    chomusukeПре 6 сати

    Somehow this movie is nostalgic even though I've never seen it

  8. Katie Pratt

    Katie PrattПре 6 сати

    At 8:05 it looks like drew was too strong and bent the box, which we know is not true

  9. Amira Brown

    Amira BrownПре 9 сати

    It’s so wierd that it’s set in Albuquerque becuase everything in the movie is the opposite of everything about Albuquerque.

  10. GotInterest

    GotInterestПре 11 сати

    Most of the time I don't like it when RSclubrs bring on their significant others (not a diss on their S.O's it's just I don't normally like guests on any kind of show that doesn't normally have guests) but I did enjoy Amanda's presence here. She's just great on camera and has a similar vibe to Drew so it feels natural.

  11. Narcoleptic Axolotl

    Narcoleptic AxolotlПре 19 сати

    I'm not gonna say that Amanda being in the thumbnail was the ONLY reason I clicked on this video, but let's be honest here, she's the biggest reason I clicked on this video. And no, Drew, I'm not crushing on your wife. . . . That would be weird.

  12. Elainie Butler

    Elainie ButlerПре 22 сата

    I had to learn the dance in 4th grade for a chorus show

  13. Jimena Moreno

    Jimena MorenoПре дан

    Put some respect on Kevin’s name

  14. katdartistry

    katdartistryПре 2 дана

    Drew you keep pressing my buttons by shitting on all the movies I loved as a kid. You’re right about everything but it stings.

  15. Girls Fuentes

    Girls FuentesПре 2 дана

    Look im younger than most people comenting, but if like to think I'm well versed from the 80's-present, BUT WHAT THE HECK IS A ZUNE!!!

  16. Krystian Huff

    Krystian HuffПре 3 дана

    So sweet, had a huge smile the entire time I watched this.

  17. Snow06

    Snow06Пре 4 дана

    I just realized that mid 2000s could mean both 2005 and 2500

  18. Syclonguy_YT

    Syclonguy_YTПре 4 дана

    try HSM the series god it's a nightmare

  19. Manny Lai

    Manny LaiПре 5 дана

    any one else seen the film theroy episode?

  20. UnwelcomedCitizen

    UnwelcomedCitizenПре 5 дана

    I liked camp rock so much I bought the DVD with special backstage facts and bloopers in blue ray I THEN bought the CD of the songs and enjoyed them both

  21. DragonBagon123 :O

    DragonBagon123 :OПре 6 дана

    I just relized Amanda is on the cover of this video

  22. Bells Fantastic

    Bells FantasticПре 6 дана

    13-16 secs into the vid growing man child lol 😂

  23. Joe B

    Joe BПре 6 дана

    I am watching this on my Zune

  24. Sell Me This Pen

    Sell Me This PenПре 7 дана

    I went to a shitty high-school in New York it was full of fight and drama .. but it did have alot of extra curriculum activities

  25. Alice

    AliceПре 8 дана

    This is your reminder that I don’t dance from hsm2 is about being gay cause I said so

  26. Alice

    AliceПре 8 дана

    Hsm said no to toxic masculinity tbh. Respect

  27. Alice

    AliceПре 8 дана

    Camp rock 2 is much better quality but still not near hsm

  28. Alice

    AliceПре 8 дана

    I went to a state school from the uk and I remember watching this and being so bloody confused that the sports team where like celebrities?? I don’t even know if our school had a football team

  29. Aluma Dan

    Aluma DanПре 9 дана

    Mine was Kevin

  30. J Lupus

    J LupusПре 9 дана

    I couldn't help but cheer when he said "we're using this DVD as a tax write-off"

  31. azul weiter azul

    azul weiter azulПре 9 дана

    I love this channel jajaj

  32. azul weiter azul

    azul weiter azulПре 9 дана


  33. cactus

    cactusПре 10 дана

    I don’t know if anyone’s already said this but the place that the title is at 0:42 actually whistler, idk just figured it was kinda neat

  34. Jacob Bemiller

    Jacob BemillerПре 10 дана

    Fun fact 2 lead actors from Disney channel movies portrayed two of the worst serial killers ever Zac Efron as Ted bundy in extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile Ross lynch as Jeffery dahmer in my friend dahmer

  35. Sarah Weaver

    Sarah WeaverПре 10 дана

    Zuuuuune. F, i forgot those existed. 😂

  36. YouTuber Shoutout fun

    YouTuber Shoutout funПре 11 дана

    Me: Searches the game. The internet: Oh, well we've got a billion of that game that you've literally never seen in our stores or anywhere else.

  37. Benjamin Mitchell

    Benjamin MitchellПре 11 дана

    i'm.... taller than zach efron. get fucking rekt

  38. MikeSG87

    MikeSG87Пре 12 дана

    School envy was so big for high school musical and Zoey 101 omg

  39. Family Styles Nunes

    Family Styles NunesПре 12 дана

    Drew, you need to react to Sunday School Musical. It's the Christian version of High School musical.

  40. Zimsicz

    ZimsiczПре 12 дана

    I’m watching this... On my zune!!!

  41. Psychot1c M3

    Psychot1c M3Пре 13 дана

    The background characters are like video game MPCs

  42. Psychot1c M3

    Psychot1c M3Пре 13 дана

    I’m from the future you get famous

  43. roan weasley

    roan weasleyПре 13 дана

    this was posted on my birthday.

  44. crankwhoreplays

    crankwhoreplaysПре 14 дана

    God, why is Amanda going "Which one are you? I'm Joe." not even giving Drew a choice so fucking funny to me god I'm tired

  45. Drift 3.1415

    Drift 3.1415Пре 14 дана

    1:35, for some reason that seems like something I would do because anxiety

  46. Bec Nobilini

    Bec NobiliniПре 14 дана

    Another masterpiece

  47. Ivan Rios

    Ivan RiosПре 14 дана

    Now that you point out how generic the name East High and West High are, funnily enough, the high school they filmed at was called East High and there exists a West High just a few minutes away

  48. Victoria Dziewirz

    Victoria DziewirzПре 14 дана


  49. Lily Minnick

    Lily MinnickПре 14 дана

    Home school musical by studio c. Look it up. Pretty frickin funny

  50. Rachelle waves

    Rachelle wavesПре 14 дана

    Sing and play basketball..... BISEXUAL Don't hate I'm bi

  51. Rachelle waves

    Rachelle wavesПре 14 дана

    ZOEY 101!!!!

  52. Virtual Victory VD

    Virtual Victory VDПре 14 дана

    This guys job is litterally wAtChing MoViEs and then reviewing them

  53. Dripz

    DripzПре 14 дана

    Austin and ally tho

  54. Zoe Du Jour

    Zoe Du JourПре 14 дана

    Yes. The REAL high school where this was filmed, as well as a few competing schools in the area in Utah were actually like this.

  55. That one guy

    That one guyПре 15 дана

    11:53 Holy crap I'm crying. This is too hilarious

  56. Pikpøcket TM

    Pikpøcket TMПре 15 дана

    Amanda should do more videos with drew

  57. Myrmasters

    MyrmastersПре 15 дана

    Ok when I first saw the video i went Pog the. Bought a bought a Zune

  58. uigrahp

    uigrahpПре 15 дана

    Day 4 of telling Drew Gooden that he should react to Mario ex education

  59. its not gay if u say no homo bro

    its not gay if u say no homo broПре 15 дана

    can we pls talk about how troys entire character is a metaphor for bisexuality

  60. Joshua Hufnagel

    Joshua HufnagelПре 15 дана

    The whole championship gap thing legit just happened with my Cross Country team

  61. Informedyouthusly

    InformedyouthuslyПре 15 дана

    Can we please have a segment of you and Amanda doing DVD games weekly? Amanda gets to live out her dream, and you can be a weekly guest on her channel. Everyone wins!

  62. Hot Potatoesss

    Hot PotatoesssПре 16 дана

    I can’t wait till I find my special someone to play Camp Rock DVD game with 🥰

  63. gingercube

    gingercubeПре 16 дана

    Nice pillow

  64. Team T-rex

    Team T-rexПре 16 дана

    Currently watching this video, on my zune

  65. ꧁pastel_ pink꧂

    ꧁pastel_ pink꧂Пре 16 дана

    I am currently watching this on my Zune 😎

  66. Mister Tootsie

    Mister TootsieПре 16 дана

    Hsm = headshot mafia

  67. Chochwantsacookie

    ChochwantsacookieПре 17 дана

    Did anyone else think the kid on the right in the car at 6:29 looked like Shane Dawson-

  68. Austin Playz

    Austin PlayzПре 17 дана

    I don’t zune I prune. I record myself looking at myself looking at myself.

  69. animationeer

    animationeerПре 17 дана

    6:45: You KNOW you fucked up your teen movie when even Tik Tok teens call it cringey!

  70. Grace Dillon

    Grace DillonПре 17 дана

    I thought the TVs had the words of the song

  71. Zeke Von Genbu

    Zeke Von GenbuПре 17 дана

    Zune gang

  72. Morgan Von Hoene

    Morgan Von HoeneПре 18 дана

    My school has a car class. They just teach you how to fix cars

  73. ThatOneDude a

    ThatOneDude aПре 18 дана

    Harry potter DVD games were the best

  74. WithADashOfPazazz

    WithADashOfPazazzПре 18 дана

    lol i remember watching camp rock and thinking it was garbage then too

  75. ThatPerson Mariah

    ThatPerson MariahПре 18 дана

    My grandfather went to the school high school musical was filmed at. That’s all I care to remember about the film.

  76. kristen skakun

    kristen skakunПре 18 дана

    omfg i cannot- did anyone see THE WAY DREW WAS LOOKING AT AMANDA😭🥺 chile that was the cutest thing i’ve seen in like 100000000 years😀💀 11:45 11:50

  77. Kyla Duggan

    Kyla DugganПре 18 дана


  78. Moos Lommerse

    Moos LommerseПре 18 дана

    you were so ahead of your time with the frankie jonas part

  79. Mazlier

    MazlierПре 20 дана

    The only good version of high school musical I’ve seen is a bad lip reading I watched.

  80. Mazlier

    MazlierПре 20 дана

    If John Mulaney quits as Andrew in Big Mouth then you must do it, there will be no difference. Not kidding lmfao you’d be the only other person fit for that role with the voice of the gods.

  81. foreverfunify

    foreverfunifyПре 20 дана

    Has anyone made twinkle town into a movie, like Disney you already have 3 of the songs. Cause they made hsm the musical

  82. OKBoomer BaBoBe

    OKBoomer BaBoBeПре 20 дана

    Yeas I am watching this on a Zune.

  83. Tadashi Yamaguchi

    Tadashi YamaguchiПре 20 дана

    the song at the end of high school musical is so popular that my old school literally played it at the beginning and end of announcements lol

  84. Noa Gafni

    Noa GafniПре 20 дана

    just wanna put out there that the villain of the musical is the literal theatre kid just because they want the lead in the musical

  85. Samantha Black

    Samantha BlackПре 20 дана

    the air guitar is giving me bill and ted vibes

  86. ChrisHatesCovid

    ChrisHatesCovidПре 21 дан

    I'm currently watching this video on my zune

  87. Naomi

    NaomiПре 21 дан

    At 12:14, I was sitting a little ways away and, for some reason, I thought I saw a hand on her ponytail pulling her hair back as she leaned forward. When I realized she was holding both of Drew's and it couldn't be theirs; my blood ran cold. ...It was just a scrunchie.

  88. Nick Johnsen

    Nick JohnsenПре 21 дан

    The most perfect " what are those two doing in a tree" timing

  89. Just-GOJIRA fam-11

    Just-GOJIRA fam-11Пре 21 дан

    Albuquerque bros !

  90. Shannon W

    Shannon WПре 21 дан

    Demi smile in camp rock used to scare me i got serious joker vibes

  91. rea keebz

    rea keebzПре 21 дан

    the best dvd game i remember was the one that came with a cinderella story

  92. This is a name

    This is a nameПре 21 дан

    Never watched the movie but 4:31 definitely had to be a reference to being bi...

  93. Caitlin Heelen

    Caitlin HeelenПре 22 дана

    i miss amanda, i wish she would come back from war

  94. garden pear

    garden pearПре 23 дана

    the fact that there's one copy of the camp rock DVD game on amazon for 29.95 is just insane

  95. Kinsley Alexander

    Kinsley AlexanderПре 23 дана

    “who’s your favorite jonas brother?” everyone at the end of 2020: frankie obviously the other ones are irrelevant

  96. Kaylee Logan

    Kaylee LoganПре 23 дана

    I DID THE EXACT SAME THING WHEN CAMP ROCK CAME OUT! I put all my posters in the living room 😫

  97. KJ

    KJПре 23 дана

    Watching on my zune

  98. Jacob Coite

    Jacob CoiteПре 24 дана

    Watching this on my zune

  99. Allison Helgers

    Allison HelgersПре 25 дана

    7:04 I like how Drew said, "That right- " As if any of us knew that the Camp Rock DVD game ever existed.

  100. Becca La Bell

    Becca La BellПре 25 дана

    Him adding frankie knowing now that frankie is loved on tik tok is amazing

  101. Jamie Josef

    Jamie JosefПре 26 дана

    This video will be how I being in the new year, and I wouldn’t want it any other way

  102. Kateland Zaste

    Kateland ZasteПре 26 дана

    i looked and some people are are trying to sell them for $5-$24 so you got a good deal

  103. - Grease

    - GreaseПре 26 дана

    Do you guys remember that one Disney Channel musical that was called "Lemonade Mouth" which had a scene where a bunch of teens assaulted a bunch of workers because they were removing a lemonade machine from their school, and got sent to jail because of it?

  104. Nicole Shin

    Nicole ShinПре 26 дана

    But I can’t believe Frankie Jonas’s brothers actually had a movie

  105. Sahra Powell

    Sahra PowellПре 27 дана

    I always forget that Frankie has brothers, I guess they were semi-relevant like 20 years ago???