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Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden

i am the only person who makes videos

The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show
Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?
MTV's Most Awkward Show

MTV's Most Awkward Show

Пре 3 месеца

Snapchat is so dumb

Snapchat is so dumb

Пре 3 месеца

Rich People Have Bad Taste

Rich People Have Bad Taste

Пре 4 месеца

Let's Leave Pranks in 2020

Let's Leave Pranks in 2020

Пре 5 месеци

Netflix's Awful Christmas Movies
Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone
My New Favorite Bad Movie

My New Favorite Bad Movie

Пре 6 месеци

The 90s Guide to the Internet

The 90s Guide to the Internet

Пре 7 месеци

Learning What Love Is

Learning What Love Is

Пре 7 месеци

The Most Epic Movie Ever Made

The Most Epic Movie Ever Made

Пре 8 месеци

Gender Reveal Parties

Gender Reveal Parties

Пре 8 месеци

The Death of Laugh Tracks

The Death of Laugh Tracks

Пре 9 месеци

Ellen's Fall from Grace

Ellen's Fall from Grace

Пре 9 месеци

The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
Hilariously Weird Training Videos

Hilariously Weird Training Videos

Пре 10 месеци

The Console Wars

The Console Wars

Пре 11 месеци

Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well
A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers

A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers

Пре 11 месеци

Disney Channel Musicals

Disney Channel Musicals

Пре годину

The Real Drew Gooden

The Real Drew Gooden

Пре годину

Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?
  1. Irma Carpenter

    Irma CarpenterПре 21 сат

    The distinct muscle theoretically match because moat rhetorically tempt plus a daffy athlete. worthless, petite exhaust

  2. 권지민

    권지민Пре 21 сат

    U made another one haha

  3. Granola Raspberry

    Granola RaspberryПре 21 сат

    2:59 I just love everything about this

  4. Natalia Lecce

    Natalia LecceПре 21 сат

    Kylo Ren skits were the funniest SNL clips I've ever seen.

  5. carlos guia

    carlos guiaПре 21 сат

    wpw ;p

  6. Rayna Kasey

    Rayna KaseyПре 21 сат

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    Rayna KaseyПре 22 сата

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  8. Green Dog

    Green DogПре 22 сата

    I have a Chinese friend who loooves freaky Friday, he even said the older woman reminds him of his grandma. was it racist for you? or are we assuming what is offensive and then speaking out for them with a "cancel machete"?

  9. Rayna Kasey

    Rayna KaseyПре 22 сата

    The tawdry input particularly nail because tablecloth likely present towards a shivering morning. combative, old treatment

  10. Greg Bowie

    Greg BowieПре 22 сата

    I find most shows start tripping in season 4. Very rear to find a show that gets better after season 4.

  11. Crescent

    CrescentПре 22 сата

    The 50s were 70 years ago lol

  12. SpaceMan Proletariat

    SpaceMan ProletariatПре 22 сата

    Yeah, that's ok but you didn't talk about KNACK 2 BABYYYYY CASH MONEY BABYYY

  13. Uzakirev

    UzakirevПре 22 сата

    He aged like a fine milk

  14. shalki parkash

    shalki parkashПре 22 сата

    Teenagers are even worse than boomers.

  15. Miju

    MijuПре 22 сата

    Oh wow I didn't know much about Ellen before this but she's a gigantic jerk

  16. you tober

    you toberПре 22 сата

    Drew went from comedy and documentary to just documentary and less comedy

  17. Clay Sproule

    Clay SprouleПре 22 сата

    I bought r6 siege for 5$ from my moms credit card

  18. plannine! music

    plannine! musicПре 23 сата

    30 rock. Was given 13 episodes to wrap up and they did it perfectly.

  19. Reuter951

    Reuter951Пре 23 сата

    Also fuck you I’m rich

  20. Jungle Jin

    Jungle JinПре 23 сата

    I used to work at KFC and we would get mini videos within our modules where they would give us catch phrases and greetings to say to the customers. They were obviously filmed in store by actual customers and they were so awkward

  21. Hannah Lemon

    Hannah LemonПре 23 сата

    Oh I forget dialup sometimes, it's been so long. I'm 27 rn and I grew up with that awful noise and not being able to talk on the phone at the same time as you used the internet.

  22. callmebrandonlive

    callmebrandonliveПре 23 сата

    2:04 shows the natural chemistry and friendship these two have when they start a sentence together

  23. diecast jam

    diecast jamПре 23 сата

    I thought he was going to say Pewdiepie for a YT'er who money hasn't changed, I mean he must be rich as shit, and he lives in a very modest house still, I mean it's in Brighton and all that so probably cost a fair bit, but I'd be surprised if it was even £ million, he's till doing the same shit, oh and he does philosophy now, and I mean by proper philosophers not just shite he came up with.

  24. onedirection28

    onedirection28Пре 23 сата

    I'm so glad I don't have Netflix

  25. Akshat Singh

    Akshat SinghПре 23 сата


  26. vash47

    vash47Пре дан

    your mic is sounding too bassy. what did you do?

  27. MR. JMXHD

    MR. JMXHDПре дан


  28. Shane Smith

    Shane SmithПре дан

    One thing that everyone needs to get in there heads is as much as he is a good actor outside of comedy Adam sandler is not funny

  29. vmaniac

    vmaniacПре дан

    Just reading the title and think: "no shit man"

  30. 월병소혜

    월병소혜Пре дан

    Dixie every 5 seconds: This (eye roll) is (eye roll) stupid (eye roll) I’d (eye roll) rather (eye roll) make (eye roll) a (eye roll) TikTok (eye roll) video (eye roll)

  31. spaghetti :]

    spaghetti :]Пре дан

    my friends mom started them...

  32. MiiLK t

    MiiLK tПре дан

    Nice shirt

  33. Samaira Jones

    Samaira JonesПре дан

    "I don't have nipples on my ankles."

  34. inthefun

    inthefunПре дан

    Sims are the best in the world and I love love and love love bye love love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye love you bye bye love love bye

  35. Rusty Shackelford

    Rusty ShackelfordПре дан

    Remember when Korra said" I never needed money. I have always had someone taking care of me." That's relatable to people who grew up with the last airbender, who graduated into a recession. 😒 I wonder why she wasn't more popular with fans of the original series.

  36. miros

    mirosПре дан

    was the stupidly long video he mentioned at the beginning the 37 min SNL video? much to think about 🧐

  37. NeonNetwork

    NeonNetworkПре дан

    The cowboy Elon sketch was hard to watch

  38. Breanna Trinh

    Breanna TrinhПре дан

    i actually used a love calculator with my parents when i was 12, and it said they were 0% compatible… they got a divorce 3 months later🥲

  39. First name Last name

    First name Last nameПре дан

    Ha, a Father's Day just popped up

  40. SoulPhantom

    SoulPhantomПре дан

    To me when it started getting much less good skits was when Seth Meyers left (Usually the weekend update has the most good ones still, but sometimes it has mostly not so good ones too). And it's not even because of him, I guess new writers or something? Because a lot of the actors are still in the show, so it's not them.

  41. Jay Jo

    Jay JoПре дан

    Jada and Raul are the only two that even seemed worth checking out. The rest are literally copies of eachother.

  42. Kakali Mukherjee

    Kakali MukherjeeПре дан

    Conan O'Brien and Jordan Schlansky just staring at each other would be infinitely more funny than anything she has or can hope of making, ever

  43. StuffedBrains

    StuffedBrainsПре дан

    Drew, I don’t like your videos and you seem like you smell bad.

  44. Matt B

    Matt BПре дан

    SNL was pretty funny in the early 2000's too.

  45. diecast jam

    diecast jamПре дан

    The 2nd one, it's like they watched DaddyOFive, and thought hmmm that seems like a good idea, traumatised kids seems to gain views, I'll do it. I mean when my kid was 8-9 if she started crying over something it would break my heart, damn last year when she was 17 she got a bad haircut and was in bits over it, she was so upset that I started crying too, lol.

  46. Joseph Calandria

    Joseph CalandriaПре дан

    Swap the genders in blank check, and the producers would have seen that kissing scene for what it is, straight up gross

  47. teiladnam

    teiladnamПре дан

    SNL isn't a comedy show, it's a reality show about people trying to be funny who sometimes succeed.

  48. Abrar Bhanurasmi Z

    Abrar Bhanurasmi ZПре дан

    When you back to Florida, with your WIFE🙄

  49. VIN VIN

    VIN VINПре дан

    Dexter overstayed thier welcome, however, I am still excited that the Bay harbor Butcher will Return will an all new setting.

  50. Joy-Bass-Yass

    Joy-Bass-YassПре дан

    Poor dog looks distressed😔

  51. Arcade Gannon

    Arcade GannonПре дан

    I always wondered why the empire’s admirals were British as well

  52. Manuel Lopez

    Manuel LopezПре дан

    ok. you’ve convinced me, Drew: I am going to watch That 70s Show.

  53. Brad Cloud

    Brad CloudПре дан

    Fun fact the bar at 12:00 was a bar in my hometown, shut down 3 years ago i miss it everyday, long live the bird.

  54. Amusing_ Balderdash

    Amusing_ BalderdashПре дан

    since u've hit 3mil... WHERE THE HECKS THE BOOK DREW

  55. Dakota Williams

    Dakota WilliamsПре дан

    5:16 Is that the British woman from College Humor

  56. Erin Kang

    Erin KangПре дан

    Just found out there’s a second season coming cuz of an ad…

  57. IveGotToast

    IveGotToastПре дан

    Cany wait for Rich Evans' autobiography

  58. Emil dkskiing

    Emil dkskiingПре дан

    Never thought i would be able to write a book, but after watching this, i think i got a chance

  59. ClumsyDark

    ClumsyDarkПре дан

    So like is nobody gonna talk about how in the 3rd vid the dads case didn’t have a phone

  60. ilovebeansOO

    ilovebeansOOПре дан

    Some people say “Well if they actually get ‘good actors/actresses’ the show would be better.” One of my FAVORITE actors, Sam Rockwell, was not great in the show. Doesn’t mean he’s not a great actor, just means he wasn’t great ON SNL.

  61. moomoo mine

    moomoo mineПре дан

    Drew,I don't like your videos and you seem like you smell bad

  62. Seaghauwn

    SeaghauwnПре дан

    At exactly 4:14 scientist taught spinach how to send emails B) we did it everyone, pinnacle society.

  63. Chompsky Honk

    Chompsky HonkПре дан


  64. gamer girrl

    gamer girrlПре дан

    4:06 that dog...

  65. Cody Foxworthy

    Cody FoxworthyПре дан

    the "let's get some work" at 8:18 made me spit out my drink

  66. Meme The Cat

    Meme The CatПре дан

    I guess now making a colored cake is just...I dunno...predictable? Too boring? Jesus

  67. Kasino80

    Kasino80Пре дан

    The John Mullaney is strong with this one.

  68. Genericflavorgum

    GenericflavorgumПре дан

    Oh crap my grandma watched that movie where that dude went 700 years in the future

  69. BigDogTwenny9niny2

    BigDogTwenny9niny2Пре дан

    Hey guy

  70. Kasino80

    Kasino80Пре дан

    "Hi, I rotated" Ngl I lol

  71. Kasino80

    Kasino80Пре дан

    Castle. I really enjoyed season 1-5. After that they completely lost sense of what the show was about.

  72. pizza pizza

    pizza pizzaПре дан

    it didn't work because he had three fruits instead of ONE FRUIT AND 2 VEGGIES

  73. Diego

    DiegoПре дан

    “This does beg the question HUHHHH???”

  74. PlanetB1ue

    PlanetB1ueПре дан

    Shroud, actually?

  75. David

    DavidПре дан


  76. New Yardley Sinclair

    New Yardley SinclairПре дан

    0:47 ginger reveal parties?

  77. New Yardley Sinclair

    New Yardley SinclairПре дан

    Gender reveal.parties are a consequence of social media. Never heard of them before Facebook

  78. meme(Jesus loves you)

    meme(Jesus loves you)Пре дан

    8:40....I'm gonna guess this was edited by the Gregory brothers Edit: yeah I figured

  79. Joseph Acevedo

    Joseph AcevedoПре дан

    got a big bang theory add lol