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Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden

i am the only person who makes videos

Snapchat is so dumb

Snapchat is so dumb

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Let's Leave Pranks in 2020

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This is Amanda's Channel Now

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What is Rick Lax doing?

What is Rick Lax doing?

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Trying Relationship Life Hacks
  1. Moon Girl

    Moon GirlПре 11 сати

    Ahhh desperation is the right word to describe Snapchat

  2. ItMeRagnarok

    ItMeRagnarokПре 11 сати

    i just skip through my friends stories i havent paid attention to the lower half of that section since they added it

  3. Uncle Phil

    Uncle PhilПре 11 сати

    Wish that guy who got shot in Nashville for a prank had seen this.

  4. Silver Eye

    Silver EyeПре 11 сати

    me writing down nonsense every time i get stoned

  5. Jon Snow

    Jon SnowПре 11 сати

    OH WOW! I was subscribed to you for quite sometime now but I didn't realize that you are that Road Work Ahead guy!

  6. goeatsanta

    goeatsantaПре 11 сати

    I nearly puked when I saw the spaghetto pie...

  7. Lewis Martin

    Lewis MartinПре 11 сати

    air is pretty flowy though

  8. Alex Verrette

    Alex VerretteПре 12 сати

    Is that a Hail the Sun record in the back??

  9. Sarah Fallon

    Sarah FallonПре 12 сати

    I feel sorry for kids who are made to act by their parents

  10. Jakob Clausen

    Jakob ClausenПре 12 сати

    This is a TABOO subject bro...

  11. Ronnie Perez

    Ronnie PerezПре 12 сати

    Drew legit looks like he's Amanda's obnoxious son.

  12. Kanooodle

    KanooodleПре 12 сати

    my brain is shriveling

  13. Chloe Le Corre

    Chloe Le CorreПре 12 сати


  14. Sarah Fallon

    Sarah FallonПре 12 сати

    That game in school is amazing

  15. Gabrielle Vernaiz

    Gabrielle VernaizПре 12 сати

    at some point he reminds me of Joana Ceddia

  16. Ibraheem Hasan

    Ibraheem HasanПре 12 сати


  17. Ash Nair

    Ash NairПре 12 сати

    omg I used to like Reaction Time, like his older videos were entertaining esp the ones with his friends. I guess he got bland over time lol

  18. Liyah B

    Liyah BПре 12 сати

    “The ghost of Prince performed here” 😂😂😂😂 so so so silly

  19. Alsa

    AlsaПре 12 сати

    Speaking of fake laughs, lets not forget South Indian comedy shows

  20. Crayvd

    CrayvdПре 12 сати

    4,400 US Soldiers died on the beaches of Normandy so the Ace Family can complain about how hard it is being a millionaire in LA.

  21. ars10001

    ars10001Пре 12 сати

    "We are making a legit musical" Me, a musical theatre student: Oh no.....

  22. Kanooodle

    KanooodleПре 12 сати

    Holy shit, the ice cream man... so gross

  23. Crayvd

    CrayvdПре 12 сати

    Imagine having to get into a car to get to your garage.

  24. Ronja Jonasson

    Ronja JonassonПре 13 сати

    "I love limes. I love them. They're great. I love them so much and I like to present them like this in my house" - someone who definitely likes limes.

  25. KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD

    KoSXxPotatisbarnetXDПре 13 сати

    "You're just irresposible with your money" When spending 5 bucks on a talentless person just sitting infront of a camera is the definition of irresposible spending lmao

  26. Rachel Marie

    Rachel MarieПре 13 сати

    Finally someone said it

  27. Manjeet kumar

    Manjeet kumarПре 13 сати

    Hello Danny Gonzales and *Danny Gonzales*

  28. shug

    shugПре 13 сати

    lmfao you put on the hashtag "slave"

  29. Garden Cat

    Garden CatПре 13 сати

    Hi Drew, someone died last month from a cannon in a baby shower in Michigan

  30. DanaL

    DanaLПре 13 сати

    I used to love this "reaction time" guy he used to have more commentary and post scary content as a kid scary content is the most entertainment your little brain can get

  31. Georgia Lastname

    Georgia LastnameПре 13 сати

    he probably doesn't even know there's a pandemic right now

  32. TheCodyMiner TCM3

    TheCodyMiner TCM3Пре 13 сати

    How did this video just blow up randomly?

  33. Kiki Malikova

    Kiki MalikovaПре 13 сати

    i clicked on this thinking it was danny, wtf who is this dude

  34. BigFella

    BigFellaПре 13 сати


  35. Groovin Moth

    Groovin MothПре 13 сати

    It is a california thing

  36. Jonah Reid

    Jonah ReidПре 13 сати

    7:34 Is Drew's scalp like Eddy's knees? Always begging for some camera-time?

  37. adam's_chong

    adam's_chongПре 13 сати

    Don't this people no,not every single screaming joke is funny

  38. Eyerosol

    EyerosolПре 13 сати

    This change is nonsensical at best. While the other network late night hosts desperately trying to become more relevant to the youtube audience, because they realise that entertainment mostly shifted to the internet instead of tv now, she decided to jump the other way around to the burning ship leaving a more prospective platform that she already was successful in

  39. Kassy I.

    Kassy I.Пре 14 сати

    Finally someone said it, thank you Drew

  40. Sofia Quinones

    Sofia QuinonesПре 14 сати

    This video had the borderline energy of Charlie in the mail room trying to find Pepe Silvia. 😂 but also, sincerely, another wonderful video, Drew 👍

  41. re n

    re nПре 14 сати

    Here’s a joke I found I thought was comedy gold: I’m throwing a pride party but instead of party music I’d play the Saudi Arabia anthem

  42. Trezele Mabalaya

    Trezele MabalayaПре 14 сати

    that mini-tree in the background is staring at me

  43. Harrison Wills

    Harrison WillsПре 15 сати


  44. Ilana Marie Bowers

    Ilana Marie BowersПре 15 сати

    I haven't l laughed as hard as I ever have in years as when he fucking roasted them for that mf dress.... I.... wow....

  45. Jamie D

    Jamie DПре 15 сати

    3:33 Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get a boyfriend. I just gotta find the right toothpaste.

  46. Sahil Brar

    Sahil BrarПре 15 сати

    Dakota lime love no mo.... make me sad 😔

  47. Badass BobY

    Badass BobYПре 15 сати

    You have a wife? I thought that you're 19

  48. Ilana Marie Bowers

    Ilana Marie BowersПре 15 сати

    the way I love seeing a confident man in a healthy relationship with a good personality SHUT DOWN A SHITTY ASS EXAMPLE OF A SHITTY ASS MAN that SOME PEOPLE may ACTUALLY see as a protagonist. "Damn, Daniel"? More like "Damn, Drew". Edit: still double D's.... he a feminist. confirmed.

  49. honeybeeLooLee

    honeybeeLooLeeПре 15 сати

    It’s three in the morning and I can’t stop cringing over the “i tHiNk IM tHe bEsT gRowLeR oN tHiS aPp”

  50. Alan Chougny

    Alan ChougnyПре 15 сати

    Yes i do need a hair cut

  51. Panda Burd

    Panda BurdПре 15 сати

    I love when pop pop films his videos, so now I can always stare.

  52. Glassy Dreamer

    Glassy DreamerПре 15 сати

    12:05 my man be posing like a god damn flag

  53. Ilana Marie Bowers

    Ilana Marie BowersПре 15 сати

    when will you be home? ... love you :)

  54. Travis Baranowski

    Travis BaranowskiПре 15 сати

    Wait I'm confused who's m kinght shamalbdoo

  55. Haylie Kendall

    Haylie KendallПре 15 сати

    Ive never seen star wars and I'm still dirt poor.

  56. areyance

    areyanceПре 15 сати

    20:33 lies deceits even trickery perhaps

  57. Audrey Bea

    Audrey BeaПре 15 сати


  58. Badass BobY

    Badass BobYПре 15 сати

    He Kinda Vibes like those boomers who don't know anything about technology

  59. Dhruv Kotra

    Dhruv KotraПре 16 сати

    2 and a half men : they milked every last drop out of it

  60. Eleanor SALETA

    Eleanor SALETAПре 16 сати

    I am Australian and offended

  61. Iisakki Kaaretkoski

    Iisakki KaaretkoskiПре 16 сати

    This is probably about the discover tab of snapchat. Yeah I'm not going to watch this video as I don't want to have brain cancer. I never go to that tab ever and don't want to see anything in there.

  62. jskd2953

    jskd2953Пре 16 сати

    Money can't buy love or loyalty or morals and as this video proves, it sure as fuck can't buy taste.

  63. dee

    deeПре 16 сати

    Every background music choice is so perfect

  64. Moll-e the bunny !!!!!

    Moll-e the bunny !!!!!Пре 16 сати

    What’s up with the makeup crew, some of them look dead or like a damn robot.

  65. Haya

    HayaПре 16 сати

    the fact that I used to watch reaction time smh

  66. Jake Prittie

    Jake PrittieПре 16 сати

    "That's not how people ask questions"

  67. Rama Devi

    Rama DeviПре 16 сати

    Can you make a tutorial how to draw the Titanic

  68. ♛ DGW ♛

    ♛ DGW ♛Пре 16 сати

    I’ve been waiting for this video

  69. - yeah -

    - yeah -Пре 16 сати

    you know it's really off putting being named Elizabeth

  70. BigBitch

    BigBitchПре 16 сати

    about half of the people I follow on snapchat are drug dealers

  71. Harrison Wills

    Harrison WillsПре 16 сати

    Everytime I see shite like this I have to remind myself that Dolph Lundgren is a certified genius with a Chemical Engineering degree and an IQ of 160

  72. EV3 Showcase

    EV3 ShowcaseПре 16 сати

    1:34 I actually end up saying this pretty regularly

  73. Jonah Wenger

    Jonah WengerПре 16 сати

    Step 1: find a vid to watch Step 2: make random expressions

  74. Edith Noriega

    Edith NoriegaПре 16 сати

    Out of all of M. Night Shyamalan top notch work you mention The Happening🤦

  75. EZMoney

    EZMoneyПре 16 сати

    This will serve me well in this day and age.

  76. Zareef Huq

    Zareef HuqПре 16 сати

    Ah the Purdue global ads gotta love them

  77. aimlessGeraldine

    aimlessGeraldineПре 16 сати

    0:31 bruh this made me shut off all devices and do my homework and workout....

  78. Cecelia Titus

    Cecelia TitusПре 17 сати

    the amount of eye contact I am so uncomfy

  79. Cecelia Titus

    Cecelia TitusПре 17 сати

    wait drew you're so good at guitar wait